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Network variety show has become the mainstream of the three major features show – China News Network (reporter Zu Wei) 2016, the network variety into the fast lane". In the recently held "the future network model of the optimal variety" forum, Iqiyi senior vice president Chen Wei introduced, according to statistics, the first half of the net amount of play pure variety of 2016 has reached a total of 7 billion, among them such as "wonderful", "my song series super 1 billion 700 million series over 1 billion 500 million" ah, "I go to school it" 1 billion 600 million series of ultra pure net variety works continue to emerge; the pure variety net output will be more than 90 stalls, has become accepted by mainstream variety forms. The card after 90 groups, content of multiple, fragmented communication has become three major characteristics of the pure network variety development. According to the latest Internet development report shows that as of June this year, accounting for up to 29 of young users under the age of up to more than 53%, young users are becoming the core of the network market. According to public data from Iqiyi, the young people network has become the main force, "I go to school." under the age of 24, the proportion of users is more than 61%, "my song." under the age of 24 accounted for more than 60% users. "The University was born" more accurate positioning, straight cut college students, "Chen Wei, for example. Relative to the TV variety show, the network is also more abundant species. Chen Wei introduced the first explosion of network variety is Ma Dong making "wonderful", "so talk has become a relatively large variety of network categories, in addition, with space more and more small trial TV variety, variety show living space life category gradually transferred to the network platform." Fragmentation of the spread of the network has become a major feature of integration. "For example," my song ah "positive for about 70 minutes, but the latter team in making positive at the same time, also produced 83 short videos, each short video for more than 3 minutes, so a program is composed of a short video of the more than and 200 minute amount plus 70 minutes long video content." As a result, like the length of the first phase of the network can achieve more than ten times the traditional program. Chen Wei, a large number of these short video materials not only give users more information and more abundant, but also a variety of community media materials, "if television aired, positive for 70 minutes, this program has been done; and the pure online line is the beginning of our work, we still do a large number of operations, make it for us to recruit the next stage, the next season, or under a program of loyal users." So, when does the next phenomenon level network heald appear? "We do" when I go to school. "Two years ago, the" survey of 15 to 24 years old the most mainstream love to choose what kind of programmes ", ranking the first option is thought, another option is" no matter what you want to tell me, please, this expression of entertainment. "Is my most memorable two." I go to school 2, producer Wang Xianfeng introduction, whether it is wonderful, or if you are the one, the reason why the program is due to a large degree of emphasis on the value of fire resistance." Iqiyi Chen Wei believes that "the next level.相关的主题文章: