New song in the middle of the night knocked at the door of the girls asked Jay Chou scandal (video)-yo te amo

"The new song" midnight knock on the door by the girls students asked Jay Chou Jay Chou Na Ying paid 20 million Gossip Gossip with Jay Chou! Wang Feng worth over three times the entertainment news "new song" Tencent battle to students frequently occur, this week against the Harlem Yu group of male students more exposes, help female players knock on the door at night to send medicine, but sensitive teachers immediately gave a gossip radar, various details of questioning, the two men suspected of having an affair. This week, Harlem Yu Yao Xi and Li Ruixuan group participants of the war, Yao Xi was an older single young women are often forced to admit her relationship with Li Ruixuan, the pro siblings, "the relationship between siblings, stay in the room seemed too stuffy, we go out for a walk, in the sun, we go out in the sun buy fruit together." But Li Ruixuan said, she looked at me as my brother, but I never looked at her sister." And repeatedly praised his eight year old Yao Yao, especially cute, more meng". The next Li Ruixuan scene about the night to send medicine story, the original song training too hard, the middle of the night Yao Xi complained of a sore throat, Li Ruixuan just bought the medicine, just down to send medicine, "I said to her, I have to her door, she said, I’m not ready." At that time, the hot weather, Li Ruixuan at the door waiting for 20 minutes, could not help but complain, she put me on the outside, from now on I will not treat her as a sister." Young men and women of the midnight knock on the door can not help but fall into a reverie plot especially daddy Wang Feng, and Jay Chou, immediately open gossip mode, two people face very strange at a loss about what to do, be next to Na Ying, rushed to catch, "both of you face it!" Wang Feng then asked the gossip, Xiao Li, because you just talked about the most critical place." However, Li Ruixuan immediately denied, "no, then I gave her the medicine, and we went down to buy some fruit and went back." The next story is a big turning point, the original Li Ruixuan had a girlfriend, sitting under the table. This question let gossip tutor to be embarrassed, Jay Chou said "no wonder our belated effort, just in time, I found this atmosphere, eye (right), face a little smelly, would you?" "We joke," he said!"相关的主题文章: