New song Jiang Dunhao won the title of the final champion of the teacher, Wang Feng

"The new song" Jiang Dunhao Wang Feng won the championship finals to mentor Tencent entertainment news (Wen Yamei) the evening of 7, "the new song" Chinese annual finals live in the nest, the Jay Chou clan to ocean, marine Wang Chenrui Na Ying Li Peiling, Wang Feng Xu Geyang, Harlem Yu Yang Meina Jiang Dunhao Marine Corps six trainees for the bird’s nest, Jiang Dunhao won the final, Wang Feng the end of the three years and eventually became a champion mentor with run. Finals, blind selection has been replaced by Li Yong’s "China China good tongue back, but compared with last year, the finalists of the students add a total of four people, two male and six female students to enter the stadium the pinnacle of the night. Wang Feng and Na Ying each have two students qualify, Na Ying ridicule, from a tactical point of view, there is a down there, a greater chance of winning". The final three rounds, the first round is the teachers and students chorus, Wang Feng master three chorus adapted version of "full", adding "purchasing new song lyrics such as" sound of the current hot topic is quite new. The folk teenager Jiang Dunhao didn’t have my eyes closed, but Professor Wang Feng unable to restrain the emotions close your eyes, and always in the green jacket with jeans Xu Geyang for a new shape. Accept the vote, Professor Wang Feng personally read out the voting number of students, and for their votes, they will represent the dream team of the reduction of the color of dreams tonight". The second round of individual show links, will continue to sing folk songs of Jiang Dunhao Lyric route, singing Wang Feng’s "River", as in the past his guitar playing, the audience vote, Jiang Dunhao and yang to champion finalists candidates, four other participants eliminated, stop six. Finally, the title contest, Jiang Dunhao sang another masterpiece of the "windowsill", the final 47 votes in the media, the audience to win the title of the 59852 votes, which is also the last year after winning the title of the Zhang Lei, the second folk champion.相关的主题文章: