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"Nine people" issued special creative   Spacey starred in the comedy acting won praise — entertainment channel, Kevin? Spacey stills in September 9th is about to visit the national cinema comedy film "nine lives" today released a new creative feature, the first exposure you creative interesting story behind the scenes and scenes. The "men in black" director Barry? Sonnenfeld personally directed, Kevin? Spacey, Christopher, Garner and Jennifer Walken?? Robbie? Amer co starred in Hollywood star power. In the release of the creative feature, always with his gloomy character image shows Kevin? Spacey changed the style of singing and dancing, set alarm does not stop, the crew become worthy of the name funny play, attracted netizens exclaimed "you are the president of adults!" Kevin? Spacey studio "Maoku naughty hilarious challenges Sir" release force domestic audience comedy the well-known Kevin? Spacey is the president of hot U.S. "house of cards" in the cruel reality, is a horror film "seven sins" in mass killer, is behind the suspense film "the usual suspects" in zhuangshachongleng. In the comedy film "nine lives", Kevin Spacey starred in the comedy challenge? "Some carp and a little conceited" and "Mr. Maoku", this adorable characters are funny Kevin? Spacey show vivid, into "Maoku Mr." in the role of Kevin in the filming set naturally is everyone happy, "because he is very interesting, but also always joked," the daughter of actor Marina Weisiman? Very love and Kevin together, "he sometimes even singing, dancing in the shooting scene, he always do some funny things". In shooting the last scene, Kevin quietly hide the cat for sounding small toys, when the director yelled, from Kevin’s pocket and made a sound "meow," I love you ", attracted the presence of all the staff laugh, no doubt become the crew funny play, make a funny. So into the character of Kevin? Spacey is always acting natural online, played by Ian Mark? Kangsuoluosi on Kevin’s acting prowess praised, "it’s hard to imagine how Kevin would show himself into a cat, but when we start on the line, so I found the original presentation, his performance is so perfect!" Kevin on the show has been on excellence, always repeating shooting and continuously adjusting, wish to play more in line with the "Maoku" modality. In this regard, the wife of actor Jennifer Garner? "Said a big reason for this movie is Kevin in the studio", and quipped, "if tomorrow Kevin? Spacey finished, can catch up with the progress of time, he is the delay thing." "Men in black" director Barry directed the Hollywood to play the film star strength with Taiwan Biao by the famous director Barry? Sonnenfeld personally directed, he directed the "men in black" has hit the highest grossing film series of Sony Corp. Has always been known for his black style works of Barry to the director of the comedy film ")相关的主题文章: