Ningbo salon high-end products as long as the purchase price of more than ten million ridiculously f

Ningbo salon high-end products as long as the purchase price of more than ten million fake packaging outrageous hair salon high-end products as long as the purchase price of more than ten million

"L’OREAL" is a lot of hair salon hair stylist recommended high-end hair products. If someone to sell L’OREAL, the price as long as more than a dozen dollars, I believe the vast majority of consumers will be rejected. As for some dealers and marketers to reach a deal, of course, of course you understand.

recently, the Ningbo market supervision administration of Yuyao Municipality Li Zhou Market Supervision seized together with the sale of infringing the exclusive right of trademark goods case, products related to "L’OREAL" oil, Hair Coloring, perm, hair care products etc.. Eventually, dealers and the use of counterfeit products were fined 10000 yuan salon, $5000.

in mid November last year, market supervision bureau Li Zhou received reports from the public: small commodity market next to a beauty salon supplies wholesalers are selling fake "L" ORé AL "graphic trademarks, registered trademarks of" L’OREAL "hair products. Law enforcement officers immediately rushed to the scene, the businesses involved in the shop found a nominal Suzhou beautycos International Co., Ltd. production of "L’OREAL" to explore water embellish hair cream 12 bags, "L’OREAL" to explore the Hydra styling liquid 15 bags, "L’OREAL" on Hydra hair styling liquid bag and 4 in nominal country of origin Indonesia, L’OREAL (Chinese) the company sells "L’OREAL" wire spring moisture mask 7 cans, "L’OREAL" hair nourishing repair fine treatment 2.

only from the appearance point of view, law enforcement officers on suspicion of these hair products have problems. Because the packaging printed stamp is relatively poor, the number of skew shape, of which the "L’OREAL" to explore water embellish styling liquid without even mark number. The face of law enforcement officers asked the owner Lee vowed that they sell are regular products, there is no fake problem, but he also cannot provide purchase bills. Law enforcement officers on the spot seized all the L’OREAL products, and in the preliminary identification, related products will be sent to Suzhou beautycos International Co., Ltd and L’OREAL (China) authentication Co. ltd.. After the identification of the product manufacturer and trademark owner confirmed: Lee store all the sale of L’OREAL products are counterfeit.

, according to Lee explained that these fake L’OREAL products, it was to come to sell, the purchase price is basically between a few dollars to 18 yuan, he will be priced at between $10 – $25. At that time only and each other with WeChat friends, then WeChat to complete a single program, your order has not been provided notes, when the other heard products by the market regulatory authorities to investigate immediately after he will pull the black, so he is unable to contact each other. Lee said his purchase volume is not large, not too many sales. From the sales documents provided by Lee, he only sold two salon, one of which has been unable to contact the owner of the closed shop. As a result of the infringement of the right to use a registered trademark of goods, their behavior violated the Trademark Law of People’s Republic of China, was fined 10000 yuan.

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