Ningbo Sanjiang 10 building facade renovation building Sanjiang six shore

Ningbo Sanjiang 10 building facade renovation building Jiangbei District Sanjiang six shore landscape Lu Jia Xiang Huai Shu Xiang comprehensive renovation project has officially start construction. The project will be renovation of the area through the 4 high-rise, 5 multi-storey buildings and 10 buildings agate facade and city lighting landscape beautification project cohesion, create a safe, comfortable, clean and beautiful Sanjiang six shore landscape, let the old district full of new glory. The comprehensive renovation of the locust alley in Lujia lane is located in the mouth of Sanjiang, Ningbo. It is made up of several typical old communities, built in the 80s and 90s of the last century. There are many buildings in the related areas with the phenomenon of the aging and exfoliation of the outer facade lines, which can cause great safety hazards to the passing pedestrians. "Lujiaxiang Lane’s comprehensive improvement and road renovation works are different from those of Lu Jia Xiang. The project is mostly high-rise building safety regulation, and there is no underground part of the operation, so safety is the first meaning of this project. Jiangbei District City Management Bureau of Municipal Department He Haiqiang introduction, the renovation of the corridor will be divided into several parts, according to different batches of building renovations, including window decoration, removal of excess water tank, air conditioner and other hidden from the balcony ride canopy unified, improve the overall cleanliness of the building. Therefore, during the project period, Jiangbei District Urban Management Bureau, the construction unit repeatedly into the community and streets, community consultation docking, construction plan, try to make a small action, high efficacy, without affecting the construction difficulty and reduce the impact on residents. It is reported that the renovation project will also, according to the characteristics of each building installation conditions, the scene needs to determine the way of lighting and night effect on Ash Road along the street, including 3 buildings and Locust Tree Apartments podium, gold waterfront, 4 high-rise buildings and building floodlight design agate. "We will do as much as possible in the daytime without destroying the appearance of the building. At night, the energy consumption of the landscape is low, and the night view of the surrounding light is coordinated." The relevant person in charge of the project is expected to be completed by the end of the year. (journalist Xu Xin correspondent Jia Chencheng)

宁波三江口10幢建筑立面整修 打造三江六岸新景观   江北区卢家巷槐树巷综合整治工程近日正式进场施工。项目将通过对该区域的4幢高层、5幢多层以及玛瑙大厦等10幢建筑的立面整修,与城市灯光夜景美化工程衔接,打造安全、舒适、整洁、美观的三江六岸新景观,让老小区焕发新光彩。   卢家巷槐树巷的综合整治位于宁波三江口。这里是由几个典型的老社区组成,分别建于上世纪80年代、90年代。相关区域多幢建筑存在外立面线条老化剥落的现象,对过往行人造成极大的安全隐患。   “卢家巷槐树巷的综合整治和道路整治工程不同,该项目多是楼房外立面的高空安全整治,并无地下部分的作业,所以安全是这个项目的第一要义。”江北区城市管理局市政科何海强介绍,这次将整修的楼道分成几个部分,按批次对不同的建筑进行整修,包括相关窗套等多余装饰物的拆除、水箱空调外机等的隐藏、阳台自搭雨棚的统一等,提高整体建筑的整洁度。   为此,在项目改造前期,江北区城管局、施工单位多次进社区,和街道、社区进行对接,协商施工方案,尽量做到“小动作、大功效”,在不影响施工难度的同时,减少对居民的影响。   据悉,整治项目还将根据每一栋建筑物的特点、安装条件、场景需求确定照明方式以及夜景效果,对槐树路沿街的包括槐树公寓3栋及其裙房、黄金水岸在内的4栋高层建筑以及玛瑙大厦进行泛光设计。“我们将尽可能做到白天不破坏建筑物外观效果,夜晚景观灯光能耗低不刺眼,与周围灯光夜景相协调。”相关负责人介绍,项目预计年底完工。(记者 徐欣 通讯员 贾陈骋)相关的主题文章: