NOKIA push AI voice assistant Mika but only for engineers to use

according to foreign media reports, NOKIA announced this week that the launch of a new artificial intelligence voice assistant MIKA, that is, multi-purpose intuitive knowledge assistant". At present, however, MIKA is only for engineers and telecom operators to obtain information through voice commands.

NOKIA said in the announcement: NOKIA has developed a custom ‘digital assistant’, in order to optimize the efficiency of telecom operators to help engineers get key information faster."


voice assistant is designed to answer questions from engineers, telecom operators and others. Therefore, this is different from the ordinary artificial intelligence voice assistant. Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana voice assistant can tell you the score of sports events, and MIKA is used to answer complex engineering problems.

MIKA based on NOKIA’s AVA cognitive service platform, the use of NOKIA in the field of professional services. MIKA will provide automated voice assistant services, shorten the time for users to search information, help operators focus on key tasks, without having to be complex network environment.

NOKIA said that the use of MIKA will help technical staff to save more than 1 hours a day time. By interacting with the user interface, which will help engineers to facilitate access to information and advice, engineers will no longer have to search through Google (micro-blog) a variety of issues.

NOKIA global service for Eagle · le Prince (Igor Leprince) said: "the search for appropriate information is a daily challenge to the network optimization engineers. MIKA uses NOKIA AVA platform to provide fast and accurate answers to avoid wasting time on invalid search. By customizing, MIKA supports the specific needs of the telecommunications industry, based on the experience of the global network to provide recommendations."

at the same time, NOKIA is unlikely to launch smart phones integrated with artificial intelligence. Although this artificial intelligence products developed by NOKIA, but NOKIA’s smartphone is currently obtained from NOKIA authorized HMD. In the February Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) on the launch of the new NOKIA phone is likely to carry an existing artificial intelligence assistant, it is likely to be Google assistant, rather than MIKA. However, NOKIA is still likely to develop into a comprehensive MIKA artificial intelligence.