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North Korea launched intercontinental missile or the Han Scholars: strengthen the fight against the United States and local capacity data figure: Korean ICBM debut parade original title: Korean or Korean scholars launched intercontinental missile: to strengthen the ability to fight the United States according to KCNA reported 20 days ago, North Korea conducted successful satellite launch vehicle model of high power engine ground the ignition test, Kim Jeong-eun Korean labor party members at the sohae satellite launching guidance test. Kim Jeong-eun said in an interview, the development and use of space is an important policy of the party, but also the focus of national undertakings. The national space agency should focus on the use of space on the development of satellites, independent research and development of more diverse uses of satellites, efforts to make North Korea in a few years to develop into a country with synchronous satellites. North Korea "Labor News" on the same day in front of the engine jet out of the long flame photos, another photo shows Kim Jeong-eun is watching the test. This news from Pyongyang is rapidly being concerned about the United States and South Korea and other countries, but their interpretation is not the same as North Korea’s argument. Yonhap said, this is the first time the military field of North Korea’s September 9th fifth nuclear test after Kim Jeong-eun’s inspection activities. According to the analysis, the engine test department of North Korea in February 7th this year launched a long-range ballistic missile (rocket launch by North Korea says is "a" satellite) the follow-up research and development activities. It can be speculated that North Korea may day launch a long-range missile in October 10th to commemorate the founding of the Korean workers’ party. Korea Niuxi Si news agency said North Korea claimed the successful test of the 80 tons of thrust "series rocket engine", which indicates that the rocket engine technology of North Korea’s new rise. Some experts believe that North Korea’s rocket launch test the most likely time is October 10th and November 8th the Labor Party Party presidential election in the United states. South Korean National University professor Liang Maojin believes that North Korea open the test photos, showing a new rocket engine technology confidence. East China University professor Jin Rongxuan Han believes that according to the current domestic and foreign situation, North Korea may be the launch of an intercontinental long-range rocket to the international community that its nuclear strike capability, but also to encourage people and strengthen the internal unity of purpose. Japan’s Kyodo news agency said Japan South Korea and other countries believe that North Korea called "satellite launch" is in fact a long-range ballistic missile test, the United Nations Security Council resolution banning North Korean ballistic missiles were all launch activities. In this regard, North Korea clearly put forward with the international community to continue to launch the attitude of confrontation". "Experts believe that this will further strengthen North Korea’s weapons program." Agence France-Presse reported on 20, before the test, North Korea has fired more than and 20 missiles, carried out a two nuclear test, deepen people to accelerate the expansion of the global fight against Arsenal regardless of the impression. Outside observers pointed out that the rocket engine can be used to adjust a little missile, Pyongyang’s space program is a cover for weapons testing". The report quoted a rocket scientist at the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in South Korea as saying that there was a new high-power rocket engine, indicating that North Korea has to fight against the u.s.". Another expert believes that North Korea may be adopted by the United Nations Security Council sanctions"相关的主题文章: