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Note: Taipei the Imperial Palace stands the first animal – why embarrass Taipei Beijing the Imperial Palace Museum donated to tear down Old Summer Palace animal heads Jackie Chan complex products, indicating that the DPP administration under the "Chinese" ideology of rapid expansion, near zouhuorumo. At the end of last year, twelve heads of art as the device has just appeared in the atrium of Taipei the Imperial Palace South Hospital, was one of the local young men and women splashed with red paint, with the base pillar "Culture United Front" 4 words. 1 months later, the perpetrators were sentenced to two months in prison. After 9 months, said the the Imperial Palace in Taipei with a "decapitation" decision on cultural perpetrators: with me, you are not alone. Taipei the Imperial Palace, President Lin Zhengyi argued that the first animal art value is not enough, the political disputes should not be high, "foreign cultural work", so the demolition, the reason is simply far fetched to the ridiculous. The first animal prototype is known to the world’s Chinese David, needless to say; Jackie Chan had 4 writers, 6 sculptors, with 2500 hours of copper alloy is integrally molded, and Chinese painting master Huang Yongyu personally wrote the "twelve zodiac" engraved on it, it is worth of art, but not by Different people, different views.. Some people a word denied "reset". Speaking of "foreign culture", it penfan. If, from Chinese is called the foreign culture, so the Taipei the Imperial Palace museum collections are all foreign culture, not returned all the mainland, in order to avoid their clogging. Again, when Chen Shuibian came to power, the cultural relics of the Imperial Palace in Taipei went to Europe exhibition, the Taiwan authorities also very pleased with oneself: let the world see Taiwan! This is a kind of contradictory psychology? In addition to green as the so-called "foreign culture" and then quickly, but from the Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival can not eat, not chopsticks, China dishes and Steamed Rice, do not read Chinese characters do not speak Chinese, not to worship the goddess Guan Gong, the way home ancestral tablets also lost, so as to afford their own political ideals! As for the "political controversy", just barely green truth". Controversy over how to come? Jackie Chan also gave the first beast to Singapore Asian Civilizations Museum, is a point of dispute is not. The reason why there is controversy in Taiwan, only because of the "Taiwan independence" forces to see the "Chinese culture" on the allergies, the whole body uncomfortable. Now the power in hand, a "dispute", will be sentenced to death a deep hatred, this is an indisputable fact conclusive. Taiwanese hospitality to the appropriate pride. The Imperial Palace in Taipei as a cultural institution, but also to train political muddy water, even in order to cater to the meaning, even the face are not, will be the guests of the goodwill donation students removed, a scholar’s misbehaviour, chilling. Taiwan authorities in the implementation of the "go to China", to Sun Zhongshan, to go to Jiang Jieshi, to go to the middle school class, the various means, non stop end of the class, to go to the end of the road, to go to China, and then to go to China, and then go to China, and then to go to China, and then to go to China, and then to go to China, and then go to the. Now the the Imperial Palace in Taipei and even a small animal to get rid of the influence of the capital, may be less than the action, but reflects the small volume, the pattern of those in charge of the narrow, psychological distortion, eating the ugly, have reached a new height". (Wang Ping)相关的主题文章: