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Note7 can not buy? Apple Samsung reversed many prospects – Sohu is the first science and technology science and technology aesthetics | all testing activities, we sent 5 Beats the latest high-end wireless headset. See second articles for free today. In addition, the day after tomorrow afternoon in September 27th, science and technology aesthetics live with you to see millet 5S conference. Tomorrow we are on the way, WeChat may have to suspend once. Apple and Samsung, is one of the market. CP, a few years ago the $one billion patent dispute affected the whole mobile phone industry trend. And this year’s 7 generation showdown and let people see ups and downs. 1, Apple’s iPhone7 sales of amazing, swept away before the release of questions about a month ago iPhone7 spy has been everywhere, looking back, you will find that as a very high degree of truth, in addition to the "blue", the other is proved to be true. At that time, in the face of these spy photos, the consumer response is obviously very negative. Little change in shape, cancel the headset interface and other issues, so that the potential high-end consumer groups have turned their attention to Apple’s old rival samsung. After the September 7th conference, analysts have said that this year it is difficult to replicate the iPhone7 Apple’s brilliant past. But after ten days, they were popping face. Perhaps it is because of iPhone’s appeal, perhaps because of incomparable consumption inertia, perhaps because the rival Samsung God assists (article will detail), iPhone7 customer service hot beyond people’s imagination. In particular, the bright black version, was once more than 20 thousand yuan cattle fried, all channels are out of stock, all channels need to increase the price to buy, even if it is no longer popular version of gold. Obviously, in the absence of the Samsung Note7, the most important competitor, iPhone7 this year, I am afraid will get the best results in history. 2, Samsung Note7 country line version in "explosion" suspicions, the prospect of apple and Samsung is conservative, Note7 only one goal, is full beyond apple iPhone7, Samsung has taken great pains to. The first named direct cut "Galaxy Note 6", the new flagship name is "Note7", although Samsung said it was to see and its own S7 series, but we all know, this is obviously against the Samsung iPhone7. Then is to accelerate the progress of research and development, grab apple iPhone7 market in the previous month to the global market, the overall occupation of high-end mobile phone consumer groups. Aside from the battery problem, Samsung Note7 itself is indeed a lot of bright spots, beautifully designed, powerful performance, curved screen, Spen and other characteristics, making it before the sale of public opinion polls, a significant lead iPhone7. According to this trend, this year, Samsung is likely to win in the war against apple. But the wall of the world相关的主题文章: