Now enter 49; the cold air to air quality will be significantly improved


has issued a yellow warning of heavy pollution of air, but yesterday’s haze is still not menacing, but small sporadic snowflakes floating under the urban North and let people surprise, because this winter is not under the snow drifting profusely and disorderly, people could not help but give little snow up under the larger, more!"

unfortunately, the snow is still no climate, yesterday morning from 5 to 14, large areas of only a trace of precipitation, maximum rainfall point, Miyun Black dragon Pool is only under 0.5 mm. Although little snowfall, but visible small piece of snow or let people feel the winter quiet breath.

yesterday, cloud + snow, Southern Observatory the highest temperature is only 0.2 degrees, very difficult to rise to above freezing, yesterday is "39" at the end of the day, this has entered the "49". City weather forecast, the next three days while the temperature is maintained at 0 to 5 DEG C, at night the low temperature of -5 DEG C to -9 DEG C, the temperature in the doldrums, the public should pay attention to warm cold evening.

Large areas of

have snow or sporadic snow last night, this morning to morning in northern areas will continue to float snow or sporadic snow, but no matter how floating is not a climate of snow, don’t expect to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

yesterday, the North China Plain is persistent over a wide range of haze pollution. 16, the city of the district PM2.5 concentration of 108 micrograms / cubic meter, the northwest of 111 micrograms / cubic meter, the northeast of the city of 98 micrograms / cubic meter, the southeast of the 99 micrograms / cubic meter, southwest of 100 micrograms / cubic meter (). Last night to this day, the city’s air quality for moderate – severe pollution. Before this evening, the cold air infiltration in Beijing, the air quality will be significantly improved, to continue to force 19 on the morning of the cold air, the air quality will reach better 1 level priority.