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The obligation to protect the tomb of the unknown soldier 66   – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn October 11th, Feng Cun groove Zizania Wanzai County Lake Township villagers group Ling Duanqing, Zhuang Ling son cloud led reporters, embarked on a steep slippery mountain. This is a red army through the mountain road, leaving a glorious revolutionary footprint. Climbing the mountain for more than and 40 minutes on the yellow tip, came to the peak of the tomb of the unknown soldier ", Ling and his son quickly cleaning the fallen leaves, wiping martyrs tombstone. From 1950 onwards, Duanqing Ling’s father Ling Gaoshou for the 45 Red Army martyrs tomb guard duty, from now on, Ling Jia generation after generation, inheriting the old revolutionary base areas of the loyalty and affection of farmers. In April 1933, Hunan Hubei Jiangxi Provincial Soviet government resident Xian yuan (formerly Wanzai small source) by the enemy siege. To defend the Soviet Red, sixteen Red Army, Red Army and red eight division of more than 1 people, from 7 to 9, in a small wooden bridge near the source were annihilated more than 600 people. "Line bridge war" played three days and nights, the red army suffered more than and 400 casualties, many of the wounded were sent to the hospital third. At that time, the young Ling longevity witnessed the Red Army wounded because of no drug treatment and the pain of the scene, the initiative to help the medical staff to wash herbs, hand gauze, to the wounded water. He said: "the wounded love me, also a bowl of Rice porridge to me, but I feel shy to eat, also do not want to eat." Due to lack of medical care, 45 injuries of the Red Army soldiers killed, was buried in the local people of Jianshan yellow. In 1950 Tomb-sweeping Day, Ling long to the family grave, passing Zuozuo martyrs, the thoughts of army third hospital cases emerge in the mind. In order to liberate the poor, the Red Army soldiers bled, not even their names. Ling Gaoshou made a decision: guarding the tomb of the Red Army martyrs. From 1950 onwards, he will give them the annual Qingming martyrs grave. "For over 60 years, the father has been the tomb of the unknown soldier tomb sweeping as relatives, usually have to guard, never stopped." Ling Duanqing said. Year after year, Ling long duty for the Red Army guard the tomb of the unknown soldier, from black hair to protect hair, always do not change the beginning of the heart; from one generation to another, Ling long with his son, with his grandson, relay grave grave keeper, infected villagers, touched by the society. 2003 Qingming Festival, the peak of Dongjiang, Jiao Hu Xiang 10 old members and cadres voluntary contributions, 45 will collect the remains of the martyrs buried tombstone. In December 2013, Wanzai county government for the peak repair the tomb of the unknown soldier, and the establishment of patriotism education base. Today, the 88 year old Ling Gaoshou although can’t climb a mountain, but never forget those red army martyrs. Ling Zhuang cloud told reporters: "we will continue from generation to generation guard the tomb of the unknown soldier, a good guardian." (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章: