Obstetrics male doctor 27 years. Thousands of babies in the operation room were often refused to pre

Obstetrics male doctor 27 years. Thousands of babies in the operation room were often denied the Sohu healthy pregnant women

Shijiazhuang fourth hospital, obstetrics and Gynecology doctor Liang Yuntai from 1989 to the beginning of 2016, in the past 27 years, the birth of his hands up to thousands of newborns. Liang Yuntai has been that the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology not a man of "forbidden zone", Liang Yuntai said: "in fact, the obstetric male doctor did what in particular, we face is an organ, there is no difference with surgery, but also need to understand the obstetric male doctor."

before surgery to help his assistant Liang Yuntai tight mask. Liang Yuntai is a quick knife, a normal cesarean section, the shortest time he spent 20 minutes. This is a record of a number of Liang Yuntai in the fourth hospital of Shijiazhuang city in 27 years, the hospital 21ours.

Liang Yuntai walked into the operation room. In Liang Yuntai’s view, obstetric male doctor has more advantages than female doctors, obstetric male doctor logical judgment ability may be stronger, more rational, better physical male doctors, continuous fighting can adapt to the high intensity than the female doctor "". A lot of successful examples of male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. In foreign countries, obstetrics and gynecology are generally male doctors." Liang Yuntai said.

let Liang Yuntai uncomfortable, or pregnant women refused, "I don’t want a male doctor gave me birth, this is often heard in 27 years of practice in the process of Liang Yuntai’s words. Although in the regulations, the male doctor of Obstetrics and gynecology to the patient to see a nurse to accompany, but too many patients and not enough manpower, often do this. Sometimes Liang Yuntai into the house, has not spoken, was pregnant woman refused. Especially the young girl, who knew he was a gynecologist, stared at him as if he had a problem.

Liang Yuntai later but indifferent, no other idea, "to all pregnant women, she is not willing to let me see, I would recommend other female doctor". Liang Yuntai said with a smile, in fact, there is nothing special obstetric male doctor, his face is an organ, no difference with surgery. Every operation is my work."

rounds each, Dr Leung should pay attention to items carefully and their families and maternal. In Liang Yuntai view, a good obstetrician, we must ensure the speed and quality of surgery, which is a basic requirement. Liang Yuntai said: for obstetricians and gynecologist, a lot of time, speed is life. In addition, many women are now hoping to birth, but if doctors strongly recommend caesarean section, must have his reason, should seriously consider."

Liang Yuntai for women to check the breast. One of the most serious cases of Obstetrics and gynecology doctors is the placenta previa placenta, placenta adhesion, placenta accreta. This should be with the placenta and fetal childbirth, maternal discharge, but if the placenta previa, often with Placenta Adhesion to the uterus.