Oil executives sacked debauchery was finally confirmed (Photos) rainlendar

Oil executives sacked debauchery was finally confirmed (Photos) "a mysterious stronghold in Beijing, only very close to him who can go to debauchery……" The market for oil in the former general manager Liao Yongyuan style rumor was finally confirmed. November 3rd, Liao Yongyuan trial. In the Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate accused, has a name – "special relationship quite mean". Liao through his wife and the specific relationship bribery 623 yuan, accounting for about 46.5% of the total amount of bribes. Liao Yongyuan paid for the "special relationship" and what happened? In his bribery reason, to the "special relationship" shooting MTV, open the concert and even send their children abroad for this event are visible, the backing is not small. In mid 6 last year, the Commission for Discipline Inspection Report on Liao Yongyuan sacked, he specifically mentioned the serious violation of socialist morality, adultery with others". The trial did not disclose the specific relationship between the people of the true identity, but from the shoot MTV, open a song to do these two things is not difficult to see, she is the literary circle of people. "Behind the debauchery", not only is the question of style, but there is a power, money and sex staggered interest network, known as the "Tin King" Yunnan Tin Group Chairman Lei Yi is typical of such. He was born in an ordinary worker’s family has become the 46 department level cadres. The first half of his career, enthusiastic thoughts, geography and development, however, see the huge interest in mine are in the process of contract, more and more people looking for his work, in half and self comfort in the collapse of the bottom line. Lei Yi Gang business bribes 29 million 100 thousand yuan, more than 1/3 of the money to have mistresses, and even some of the boss of the arrangement, and the number of female stars, female models and maintaining improper sexual relations occurred. In this way, Lei Yi, business owners, female star mistress woven between three parties a right, money, color big network. Greed is like fire, not suppress it to Liaoyuan; such as water, not suppress it. The net finally put him in. Former Secretary of the Ministry of Railways Transportation Bureau Zhang Shuguang also has a "specific relationship" – singing soprano. Zhang Shuguang in order to pursue the year, specifically looking for the creation of the president of the group to build Ge Ming Ming to 2 million yuan in cash, this part of the money used to buy a house to buy. Be on hand, Luo Fei immediately became the Zhang Shuguang corruption tentacles, between her and the relationship is quite close, be as object please Zhang Shuguang. Luofei complain of low income, did not show it can only take a few thousand dollars per month wages, so Guangzhou Zhongche company boss Yang Jianyu let Luo do business publicity and image planning. The name of this issue before and after Yang Luofei three to four million "wages" and Luo did not report to work. The governor of Chang’an Avenue found that the official art of corruption, the surface is behind the right color of money transaction, reflects the problems of resource allocation. Not long ago, Anhui radio and television director Zhang Suzhou just the original trial in the literary circle is very famous. Is famous, because he was behind the TV broadcast platform to help the film and television drama, actor and singer. Send money to his company and individuals, including the popular speech draft program super orator production side of Beijing energy film and television communications limited.相关的主题文章: