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Oil price adjustment window opens at 24 today will welcome the year of the fourth reduction of JINGWAH Times News (reporter Shi Zhijun) according to the "ten working days" principle, a new round of oil price adjustment window will be open today (September 18th) 24. In this period, the international crude oil market good news intertwined, prices soaring plunge. After the dollar rebound in investment news appears, crude oil fell again. The market mechanism, a new round of price adjustment window of domestic oil prices will usher in the festival this year is the first cut, fourth years of price. JOYOU information monitoring data show that as of this period within ninth working days, the rate of change of crude oil was -4.41%, valued at $45.897 a barrel, compared with the benchmark price of $2.117 a barrel. JOYOU information is expected, a new round of refined oil retail price down 115 yuan. Longzhong information oil analyst Li Yan believes that the current point of view, the current round of oil price adjustment may be the smallest decline this year. Is expected in September 18th 24 when the price adjustment window opens, domestic gasoline and diesel fell to $120 per ton and $115. Equivalent to raise the price of gasoline 92 yuan per liter down by $0.09, No. 0 diesel per liter down $0.1. JOYOU high Chengsha information analyst said that the current round of pricing period, investors in the oil producing countries the results of the meeting optimistic expectations will rise in oil prices, but after the U.S. dollar rebound, rising number of drilling and other news, crude oil back down, resulting in the alternating dominant market favorable air news, the international crude oil soaring plunge, there the fluctuation of great. The capital, investors for producers meeting the expected results of the optimism also recently began to swing, and the FOMC meeting message is changeable, the cause of the dollar price saw the trend. This is expected in the short term, the international crude oil fluctuated or will continue, the gasoline and diesel prices will appear stable and narrow down trend. Hot news: Pudong three: reconstruction of the village will be built a 3.5 Century Park ecological green typhoon malakas super typhoon level up to the strongest intensity path with uncertainty on the Hong Kong coach is almost a foregone conclusion has been in contact with Scolari Shanghai burlesque embarrassment: cast market reaction microwave LAN GeTian micro-blog choking back users suspected insinuation Liu Xiang Wu Sha derailed weather forecast: Shanghai showers today with windy rainy weather Tuesday to rest相关的主题文章: