Oil prices will usher in the most significant decline in the year or down 0.25 yuan per liter (video gigolos

Oil prices will welcome the year slashed or over 0.25 yuan per liter down 16 oil or meet the most recent sharp decline, the market outlook for the cartel’s execution protocol is more pessimistic, and the producers have made increasing excess supply concerns again, since late October, the international oil price from year high tumble. After the rally to promote production agreement has disappeared. During the pricing period, the rate of change of crude oil basket opens to a negative value, then the negative range is expanding, is expected in November 16th 24, domestic gasoline and diesel prices this year will usher in the largest decline, down the rate per liter or more than 0.25 yuan. From the supply side negative pressure, "weakness" is the main tone, the recent crude oil market as of November 11th, WTI and Brent crude oil futures were closed at $43.41 and $44.75 a barrel, a total of more than in October hit a high point of the year fell more than 15%. In November 9th, the U.S. presidential election results were announced, the market expected the next American government may reduce the oil exploitation and limit energy infrastructure projects, this year just showed signs of decline of American shale oil or a comeback soon. The future of the great development of the U.S. oil industry, the prospects for the contradiction between the OPEC production cuts cast a shadow. In fact, at the end of 9 reached a framework agreement in Algeria, the oil producing countries have been no substantial positive follow-up. October, the major oil producing countries are competing to increase horsepower production, supply pressure is obvious. The International Energy Information Agency (IEA) report shows that with the return of Nigeria and Libya and Iraq’s production yield hit a new high in October, OPEC production increased to 33 million 830 thousand barrels a day of record highs, the yield of higher than 1 years ago nearly 1 million 300 thousand barrels per day. According to the latest data from the Russian Ministry of energy, in October Russia’s crude oil and condensate production rose to 11 million 200 thousand barrels a day, once again set a record high in September. The IEA expects one disaster after another, affected by Russia, Brazil, Canada and Kazakhstan and other non OPEC production, after the non OPEC supply in this year reduced 900 thousand barrels a day, will return to growth in 2017. According to Xinhua news agency, the oil price system released data, the valuation cycle, the average price of a basket of crude oil to change the rate of negative value of -9.62% to open, and then the negative magnitude has deepened. As of November 11th, a rate of change of crude oil was -11.22%, according to the current rate of change in the level estimates, in November 16th 24 a new round of oil price adjustment window opens on the occasion, domestic gasoline and diesel prices this year will usher in the biggest decline, is expected to have dropped to reach 330-360 yuan per ton. Equivalent 93# gasoline down 0.26-0.28 yuan per liter, 0# diesel per liter down 0.28-0.31 yuan. Longzhong information oil analyst Li Yan said that in view of the reduced greatly, the domestic retail price of some gasoline will once again dropped back to 5 Yuan era, is a good news for the private owners. In a tank for ordinary cars as an example of 60L, to fill a box of oil will save more than 15 yuan than before. In November 30th.相关的主题文章: