On the river city snack street, taste the mouth of Kaifeng snacks

ofkaifeng is always the traditional means of "new year" New Year’s Lantern Festival to open, lively, wonderful folk temple fair show, delicious snacks…… each of which attracts people to come, in the Cultural Festival, flower lamp, lion dance, lantern riddles and so fresh in folk culture visitors, and soup dumplings, almond tea, fried jelly and other snacks will let you opened a sinseong hoe, when opened, visitors can not only feel the traditional taste, you can also enjoy the entertainment aesthetic and the tongue.

say it snacks, so city on the river street is the most famous snacks taste opening place, city on the River Street has more than 3 thousand square meters, more than and 600 delicacy stalls, covering the opening and the characteristics of the two thousand kinds of snacks, snacks City three yuan each landscape Rest Area patio, patio above the steel space structure, toughened glass enclosed patio will form a large space, so here, regardless of seasons, no matter how the weather is outside, will have the right to warm indoor and comfortable environment, as well as in snack street in Jiangnan folk architectural style as the main building of the "miscellaneous Art Academy" the background and main design in the Northern Song Dynasty palace as the "Opera House", where visitors can according to their different preferences to sit, snack street not only can taste all kinds of delicious, but also To see a lot of intangible cultural performances, opening a unique tone, Xiangfu shadow, Allegro, dough, blown sugar, sugar, wood, embroidery, New Year paintings chrysanthemum official porcelain and so on, so that visitors can experience the unique long open culture, while eating, while watching the wonderful performance.

in the city on the river in a lot of snacks and snack street of non-material cultural heritage, such as opening soup dumplings, four treasures, machetes face, bucket of chicken, three cakes, tofu skin Bianliang and so on, these are catering intangible cultural heritage food.

braised fish stalls always has a steaming pot, fried and braised crisp rotten small carp basically do not have to worry about entrance bones, and braised fish soup is also let people lead a person to endless aftertastes.

opened Steamed Meat Dumpling great name, also got better inheritance and reproduction in the snack street, in addition to soup and vegetables, leek stuffing steamed egg, shrimp and crab stuffing stuffing stuffing with traditional dumplings, with traditional delicious and good reputation won the praise and praise of many tourists, the opening of the dumplings dumplings originated from the Northern Song Dynasty, according to the "Tokyo’s record" records, formerly known as dumplings soup dumplings, also known as the "soup", there are many places to sell at the time of the capital of Northern Song Dynasty in Tokyo, especially one of the 72 is the "shop Wang Lou" sell "cave known as" plum bun "in Beijing the first", was a famous brand, dumplings strict material selection, production research, use only the meat of pork, seven thin three barrel and the process;