One hundred years of painting and calligraphy classic stunning Fair ppbox

One hundred years of painting and calligraphy classic amazing fair source: one of the important contents of the Gansu Daily reporter Lv Xia as Dunhuang Fair Exhibition Chinese cultural exhibition, modern painting and calligraphy exhibition China greatly attracted the attention of the audience. Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, Zhang Daqian, and Li Keran…… These glowing stars such as the name, leading the audience were beyond time and space through the classic paintings and master of spiritual dialogue. The exhibition includes modern painting and calligraphy exhibition, China "exhibition," Song Zhen Yong Mao ho Intel exhibition. It is understood that the exhibition from 1840 to 1949 since the Chinese modern art all the classic 100 pieces, showing the history of art Chinese of modern painting, and Chinese art circles in the intertwined collision of Chinese and Western culture, the old and new ideas, showing a "contending" prosperity. The exhibits, with the "Ren Xiantao map", Wu Changshuo’s "Qi Baishi", "national beauty and heavenly fragrance", Zhang Daqian’s "loquat cabbage to zhaodanian Qing", Xu Beihong Chateaud’AX a "lion cat map", Li Keran’s "Wang Ziwu", "wanshanhongbian", Ye Qianyu’s "goldfish" and other masters of Tibetan Dance masterpieces, and exhibited at the Singapore Art Master Chen Wenxi’s "book" and other works of Huai Su xi. The audience through the appreciation of art we devoted emotional full implication of works, feel the great spiritual strength and artistic appeal.相关的主题文章: