One of the first important Antarctic Biennale curator announced its withdrawal tsumori chisato

One of the first important Antarctic Biennale curator announced its withdrawal from the Antarctic Biennale. Photograph: Courtesy of the Antarctic Project in TAN published an article on the first Antarctic Biennale (Antarctic Biennale) long, after collecting 35 years old the following artists "adventurous in a few days, social media will appear on this project in dispute. Rotterdam Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art director Ayas Telford Nai · (Defne Ayas) wrote on Facebook: the exhibition building, content and age limits are not for participating as a member of the Advisory Committee on the Arts in my opinion. I wrote the news release, the exhibition was originally conceived and is not expected to appear in the final promotional material, but in the absence of prior communication with me, is that I personally do not agree with the curatorial direction and content are replaced. For all these reasons, I have decided to withdraw from the project. Ayas’s speech on Facebook screenshot. Photo: Courtesy of artist Linda · (Linda Persson) responded on the Facebook, said: This is a question of age discrimination in the art circle, Facebook. Moreover, this is a lack of respect for the Antarctic environment. The more we go to these places, the more damage will be caused to these places. Another Facebook user wrote: "this Biennale is for what reason will be over the age of 35 artists are excluded, this is an insult." He added the # bullshit label in the back. The biennial ship. Photograph: Courtesy of antarcticbiennale according to the Biennale’s website, the responsible person is engaged in the creation of the Biennale in Moscow artist Alexander · Bono Ma Lei (Alexander Ponomarev) Schiff, he is not only an experienced polar and engineer, who had served in the Russian Navy submarine. He will be in March 2017 in Argentina, Ushuaia (Ushuaia) command a research ship to the south pole, there will be 100 artists to participate in this 12 day voyage. "For a different country artist, the sacred, is like a piece of paper, they will be here to write new rules about the cooperation," Ponomarev said in a news release. The voyage will become the Art Biennale Antarctic collections. Artnet news found Ayas and Antarctic biennial media representatives interviewed, but did not receive a timely response. Source: artnet news相关的主题文章: