Only 4 seasons of low CIS players into the hall of fame also questioned Yao Ming – Sohu Sports stand by me shinee

Only 4 seasons of low ranking players into the hall of fame also questioned Yao Ming – Yao Ming this summer when the sports Sohu is selected when the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame, some people questioned Yao Ming’s NBA career short, personal honor limited; however, in the history of the NBA, one only played 4 NBA a season low ranking draft players, personal honor less than Yao Ming, even never all star, but not only in the NBA team jersey retired, and was elected to the hall of fame. If he’s still alive, today is his 52 birthday. The 1986 NBA draft, and not the draft annual, Brad Doherty was chosen as the champion knight, the warriors selected the overall pick Chris Walsh Boone only in the NBA mixed two season will disappear, by the Celtics candidates show Bangyan Glenn bayas in the draft two days later due to drug overdose death. In this session of the overall level is very limited in the draft, the Blazers in the first round of total sixtieth overall (NBA draft was not only two) selected from the Croatia defender Drazen petrovic. For this position players, not many people can be based on NBA, not to mention the overall level of a very poor draft, can not log on NBA arena is not surprising. Petrovic in the summer of 1989 before the official landing NBA, rookie season, he was a pioneer to participate in the 77 regular season, all substitutes, averaging 12.6 minutes, get a score of 1.4 points and 1.5 assists, very mediocre. Petrovic has only played 4 seasons in the NBA, has played for the Blazers and nets two teams in 290 games, averaging 15.4 points and 2.3 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 0.9 steals; the best season averages only 22.3 points and 2.7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.3 steals; his two season as a starter in the playoffs are a tour, in the 4 year NBA career only a selected three team experience, even the rookie team were not included, even the all star race is not selected. Yao Minggui for the NBA champion, 8 years NBA career field were scored 19 points and 1.9 rebounds in 9.2 blocks, the first time to be elected all star starter, the team selected the best lineup in the 5 (which is the best team in the lineup of the two team in 8). Compared with Yao Ming, Petrovic NBA career a lot less, but still as Petrovic NBA player and the magician Johnson together in 2002 was inducted into the hall of fame, we have what reason to question Yao Ming’s Hall of fame "? Of course, Petrovic also has his forte. This is known as the "basketball player, Mozart was in Croatia in the domestic league had 112 point game stunt in European club competition had scored 47 points and 25 assists, won the European Cup MVP, who helped the Yugoslavia men’s basketball team won the European basketball championship and world championship the champion, who won two silver medals in the Olympic Games men’s basketball team, once the 1992 Olympic final in the face of" dream "in front of Jordan – Michael scored 2…相关的主题文章: