Open an important choice for the development of new members on behalf of cultural tourism

Open an important choice for the development of new members on behalf of cultural tourism

interviewed guests

Wang Zhengqian – the provincial people’s Congress, Qiao family courtyard Folk Museum general counsel

Zhang – Provincial People’s Congress, cloud hill tourism development limited liability company chairman

Wei Feng – provincial CPPCC members, political department, Taiyuan Normal University, Professor

Shanxi rich history and culture, to provide inexhaustible impetus for the development of cultural tourism. Cultural tourism is also becoming an important choice to open up a new situation of economic development.

in order to create a good development environment, the province launched the system innovation, mechanism of activation, policy incentives and other measures, not only for the development of cultural tourism to expand the space, upgrade potential, more vitality of the entire economic structure adjustment. "NPC and CPPCC" period, cultural tourism has become the NPC deputies and CPPCC members have hot topic, give counsel for the development.

accelerate the reform of institutional mechanisms

as early as possible to benefit from early development as early as possible, this step can not slow down,

reform is strong, strong industry.

provincial government attaches great importance to the development of cultural tourism, clearly cultural tourism industry as a strategic pillar industry development. Short board alignment defects, the coordinated development of the impact of constraints of comprehensive development, the institutional mechanisms to take the pace of reform.

in the reform of this point, as a national model worker Wang Zhengqian has deep experience. With the development of Qiao family courtyard of scenic spots, many deep-seated contradictions and problems begin to emerge, the rigid system, the state-owned institutions holding management, lack of market vitality; cultural limitations, limited influence, problem of the original film and television drama influence gradually decline, affecting and restricting the sustainable and stable development of the scenic spots.

"to solve these problems, only dare kenyinggutou, correcting the deviation." Wang Zhengqian said that in promoting the county government Qixian, Qiao family courtyard, bold exploration, and actively promote the company system innovation, out of the new road in the scenic area management, equity reform and comprehensive development of scenic construction.

December 2015, Qixian will be state-owned tourism Limited by Share Ltd Qiao family courtyard, 65% of the shares transferred to the 2 private enterprises; at the beginning of last August, and the introduction of 3 enterprises in the capital, the registered capital increased from 40 million yuan to 100 million yuan. Shareholders of the company changed from 4 to 7, further standardize the corporate governance structure. Since restructuring, has invested 804 million yuan.

after the restructuring of the Grand Courtyard into the fast lane.