Oral parents leave a shadow of divorce, I have a beloved boss, but did not dare to mention marriage yezimei

Oral: parents leave a shadow of divorce, I have a beloved boss, but did not mention the public concern about marriage, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! When I was 11 years old, my father and my mother got divorced. At that time, I felt like a prisoner of the people finally see the sun. Since I can remember, they constantly kept busy, noisy, noisy downtown after my mother hit me with a broom, I can say that the entire childhood is in that particular fear especially uncomfortable situation over the next. My mother is a typical little citizen, for a long time she went all out to quarrel with my father, never thought she had a daughter. I think all my happiness is probably the time when they were repressed. 22 years old that spring, I met Su Li, he was big I was 15 years old, not very tall and not very handsome man, but let me have a sense of heart. His outstretched hand has wide and thick palm Beck, I imagined that palm must hide like spring warm. He is a part of our superior department supervisor, he and I have seen the arrogance of leadership is not the same, the first time he was attracted by her gentle eyes. The morning before he went back to his office, he said, "I’ll call you later."." I have been waiting for his call, from the morning to the afternoon, but did not wait, I think I was too self assertion. Away from work when there are 10 minutes, I stood at the window, he saw the door stood outside the building of the bookstore, he was wearing a very formal, light blue shirt, blue pants, and a tie, that was my first time at work when someone answered. After dinner we came out, the street lights are bright. He reached out for me in the occasional touch over the people, so when he held out his hand to me, I did not refuse, very gentle very carefully put his fingers in the palm of his hand, he held, that moment, I felt a desire to start from a young age warm, quietly in my heart like a waterfall to overflow. That night in my hut, Sue kissed me so hard that he could not breathe, and he put his hand on my skirt, and I had no thought, and closed my eyes to the joy that I had never experienced before…… Since then, Su Li in total at the end of each month to fly to me, we all like loving young couples to live. The days I was once a week to buy food, then you don’t want to go anywhere, we linger in my house all day and night in bed, hungry to the refrigerator chilled milk and bread, I think this is really good. I know this is my true love, as long as I want to have a birthright, he would not hesitate to promise. However, I can only think of him as a lonely person who can accompany me. Because the tragedy of my parents’ marriage is a shadow I can’t erase. Marriage is a yoke, I am afraid of the heavy, as long as I have this love I am very satisfied. My life is what I want the most, a little money, there is a house of their own, there is a man in the distance can be worried about. At the same time I also have full相关的主题文章: