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Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping went to Germany to visit overseas Chinese overseas Chinese comfort: listen to news agency overseas Chinese whispers Qiaoxin Beijing – in October 30 Frankfurt Xinhua (reporter Peng Dawei) "the children go to school? Can I learn Chinese?" Local time on the morning of 29, is located in the Frankfurt suburb of Eich "draai Germany China Trade Center", the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the director of the State Council Qiu Yuanping Chinese and children’s wear business merchant Zhou Chenguang pulled a homemade. When he learned that Zhou Chenguang’s children attended the local teaching in English International School, Qiu Yuanping hurriedly told: "do they need to learn Chinese, Chinese too important. And so the child is big, if the Chinese do not, then it can be up late!" Here is the Qiu Yuanping party arrived at the first station of Frankfurt condolences to the local overseas chinese. As the highest China officials in charge of overseas Chinese Affairs, Chinese education Qiu Yuanping concern not only limited to the overseas Chinese children, more concerned about the well-being of their. Passing a shop, she asked the shopkeeper to concern the profit rate, the supply, whether the product is marketable, in virtue of doing business has suffered legal or other related to the specific details of bottleneck of the livelihood of the overseas chinese. Step out of business city, a Frankfurt law firm partner Meng Meng introduced Qiu Yuanping to do their own legal advice for overseas Chinese: "their difficulties mainly because of the language barrier, communication unfavorable, imperfect understanding of local laws, such as tax problems caused by. It’s a small problem, but sometimes it’s a big problem." "We are also invited Chinese lawyers to participate in domestic training, so that overseas can better protect the interests of overseas chinese." Qiu Yuanping commended the chamber of Commerce to seek legal advice. She pointed out that the overseas Chinese Affairs Office is also actively looking for reasons from the domestic, in order to make it conform to the standard operation chamber of Commerce from the purchase source link. When I heard that the German labor cost higher than southern European countries, the local chamber of Commerce generally engaged in trade rather than processing, Qiu Yuanping encouraged the local chamber of commerce actively trying to cross-border business overseas warehouse and other new business conditions. Bid farewell to the chamber of Commerce, Qiu Yuanping visited Frankfurt The Kennedy Hotel non-stop to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan activities. Here, Qiu Yuanping and Chinese ambassador to Germany Shi Mingde as a German Star Art Troupe inaugurated. The German star troupe’s first head Li Xiang said, as the world’s nineteenth Star Art Troupe, the troupe will be committed to better inherit and carry forward the Chinese culture in the cultural life of overseas Chinese overseas service. In the afternoon, Qiu Yuanping and German overseas Chinese representatives held a forum to listen to about 40 Tour de leaders and representatives of the school sector’s opinions and suggestions, and earnestly respond. According to the German Association of Chinese President Hu Yunqing proposed to "cook" shortage, Qiu Yuanping suggested that local Chinese food industry should first establish professional associations, to promote self-discipline and mutual support. She also said that the overseas Chinese Affairs Office has invited domestic major cuisine chefs to overseas exhibitions, training local chefs; the next step will be to promote cooperation with provinces, and other special snack dishes to go out. Qiu Yuanping at the same time enthusiastically recommend "overseas dream garden": "if you want to相关的主题文章: