Pan Pacific curling round robin tournament ended China team into the semi-finals – both men and

Pan Pacific curling round robin tournament ended China team into the semi-finals – both men and women sports Sohu Beijing time on November 12th, the 2016 Pan Pacific Curling Championships in South Korea Gyeongbuk Uiseong curling into the training center node sixth game for the day, the women’s competition, Chinese defeat the Qatar team, 6 wins and 1 losses ranked second, semi finals when will once again against the Japanese team, men’s team competition, Chinese 1 double wins, 7 wins and 1 losses also ranked second, semi final against the Chinese Taipei team. Women’s team, and China team first competed in the first game, Qatar team pedestria Chinese rate team has hand throwing pots, Liu Jinli and Zhou Yan feel not good enough, Chinese team was Qatar team steal a point. The second game of Wang Bingyu after the advantage to get three points, third innings to steal five points before three to 8-1 after leading. The fourth inning, after a team of qatar. Then, China team again to opponents, the fifth after the strong offensive to get five points, Wang Bingyu sixth hit throw success, first to steal two. Next, Chinese team firmly in control of the initiative in the game, the seventh and eighth innings for stealing two points, according to the results of 22-2 forced the Qatar team ahead of the two councils. Thus, round robin tournament all over, with South Korea, Japan China team with 6 wins and 1 losses, three teams of DSC (before every match Touhu decided to flip the distance precision, removing one of the worst results after averaging) after the China team was less than that of South Korea, ranked second, South Korea’s first, the Japanese team third. New Zealand to 4 wins and 3 losses ranked in the top fourth. Semi-final, the Chinese team will once again face the Japanese team, the South Korean team will play against new zealand. The men’s team competition, Chinese team ushered in a double match against Qatar and New Zealand, respectively. For the first time in the match against Qatar team, the first game China team after two points, then two points and one point respectively to steal, to lead 5-0. Next, China team is still strong, fifth after two points, sixth to eighth consecutive bureau bureau to steal a point, although Qatar ninth team back to get a point, but they are still ahead of an innings defeat, China team to win 10-2. The evening, Chinese team and New Zealand teams. The first game, Chinese team get a hand, then to steal a point, the New Zealand team refused to yield, their continuous score in the third and fourth innings, the two sides drew 2-2. China fifth team after a sixth inning, to steal a point, to lead the 4-2. Board at the end stage, Chinese team did not give opponents too many chances, Ninth rely on hand advantage to get three points, the final to win 7-3 round robin record of 7 wins and 1 losses. After the round robin, China and South Korea with 7 wins and 1 losses, but because of the disadvantages of DSC in second place, South Korea’s top third, the Chinese Taipei team, the Japanese team fourth. Semifinals, the Chinese team will play against the Chinese team in Taipei, South Korea and Japan staged a strong dialogue. (Alse)相关的主题文章: