Parents chasing feed Chongqing 2 year old boy fell chopsticks inserted into the mouth (Figure) meyou

Parents chasing feed Chongqing’s 2 year old boy fell down the chopsticks into the mouth (Figure) by shooting CT. Children’s Hospital for the Hualong network sent out chopsticks. The children’s Hospital for hair figure Hualong Hualong network November 5th news at 10:40 was chasing the chicken feed, the Wanderers accidentally put down into the operation room, recently, who lives in Beibei, 2 year old boy whose mouth with chopsticks fall in wooden chopsticks from the left above the soft palate, tonsillar fossa penetrated through the left medial to the carotid sheath the left occipital scalp, resulting in occipital artery transposition, inserted about 12cm from the carotid sheath is only 2mm. Yesterday, Li Wanshan, director of the Department of Stomatology, children’s Hospital Affiliated to Medical University Of Chongqing professor took out the root cause of the chopsticks. 3 at 19 PM, 2 year old chihi with chopsticks in the living room to run, followed by his side while chasing the Fed’s grandmother. "Xixi, grandma to catch up!" Hear grandma said to catch up, to accelerate the pace of Xixi ran off, only to hear the "when", whose face fell to the ground. Grandma sees hurriedly threw his bowl, put the Xixi up to the scene in front of her grandmother almost fainted. Then see the chopsticks into the mouth to the child!" Xixi’s parents rushed to embrace the Xixi was removed to the heavy medical Affiliated Children’s hospital. The doctor through the CT film to see, through the mouth through the left chopstick chihi soft palate, tonsillar fossa above the left carotid sheath to the left medial occipital scalp, inserted about 12cm, extrusion surrounding tissue leads to the occipital artery shift, and the chopsticks from the carotid sheath is very near, only 2mm, which increases the difficulty of pull out. "Fortunately, preoperative CT angiography showed no direct carotid artery injury." Department of Stomatology director Professor Li Wanshan said. At noon yesterday, in close cooperation with the operation room, Department of Stomatology director Professor Li Wanshan took this "accident" chopsticks for Xixi, the operation took only 30 minutes. 2 pm, after the operation of Xixi regained sanity is gradually clear. The doctor reminded parents, as the child’s guardian, to educate kids to establish safety awareness, and constantly enhance their injury prevention awareness, pay attention to the small details of life, do not let the child do dangerous actions, play dangerous goods, especially not even with hand sharp objects (such as chopsticks, metal, hard plastic tube, pencil, screwdriver, etc.) when the slapstick, running and playing, not chasing the Fed, hope that such incidents do not happen again.相关的主题文章: