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reproductive expert Li Yuan

has called for "menstruation aunt, someone to menstruation is known as the" unlucky ", menstruation, should be the month to menstruation, if the monthly or long time did not come, how to do?

when we answer the front several problems that, when mature follicles in the normal state, seasonal change is regular, estrogen and progestogen, then endometrial periodic shedding growth, namely menstruation. If the menstrual cycle is not the law, in fact, is suggestive of irregular ovulation. Ovulation is not the regular outcome, one is not easy to get pregnant, two is prone to endometrial lesions. Therefore, menstrual cycle disorders should be timely treatment. For women of childbearing age, cause irregular ovulation is the most common polycystic ovary syndrome; for perimenopausal women, mainly because of ovarian function is low, has no available eggs; for women in adolescence, often because of the immature nervous system regulating menstruation lead. So, for different reasons leading to irregular menstrual cycle, treatment options are also different.

in addition to irregular menstrual cycle, as well as a menstrual disorder is abnormal menstruation, mainly including prolonged menstruation and excessive amount of. In general, the menstrual period of not more than 7 days, the amount of not more than 80ml. Endometrial polyps, submucous or intramural uterine myoma, adenomyosis, abnormal ovulation, endocrine system diseases, blood system diseases, may cause this kind of situation, need the diagnosis and treatment of differential treatment. A small number of women have too short or too short menstrual period, referring to the menstrual period is less than 3 days, the amount is less than 5ml, the main reason may be associated with endometrial damage or adhesion.

another case, menstrual disorders, to rule out whether pregnant. In the early stage of pregnancy if threatened abortion and other circumstances, there will be irregular vaginal bleeding, this time is not menstrual disorders.

menstruation under normal circumstances, there should be a month of ovulation, seize the ovulation intercourse pregnancy test, the probability of pregnant a month about 30% a year, down a total of about 90%. The remaining 10% not pregnant is called infertility. If ovulation is not the law, the number of times a year to reduce ovulation, ovulation is not easy to find, the chances of pregnancy is greatly reduced. At the same time, in the case of endometrial hyperplasia in the long term, not suitable for embryo implantation, the probability of pregnancy will be reduced. Visible, for fertility requirements of women, menstrual disorders should be actively treated.

Menstruation is not

"unlucky", on the contrary, on time menstruation should be regarded as a good thing, we should use a positive and optimistic attitude to accept it.