PayPal revealed that Amazon is talking about cooperation, eBay what feelings


has been split out from eBay payment service provider PayPal on Thursday announced the company’s fiscal fourth quarter ended December 31st fiscal year 2016. But the real stir market, but the company’s financial data and no relationship.

PayPal reported fourth quarter net revenues of $2 billion 981 million, $2 billion 556 million over the same period last year growth of 17%, excluding effects of changes in exchange rates is an increase of 19%; net profit of $390 million, $367 million over the same period last year growth of 6%. PayPal fourth quarter results in line with Wall Street analysts expected, but for fiscal year 2017 revenue outlook is not up to expectations. In subsequent earnings conference call, the focus of market analysts is the change in the volume of PayPal transactions and the total transaction.

But the real

sparked a sensation, PayPal is the chief executive of · Schulman (Dan Schulman) in a Bloomberg news interview will speak, the reason is that the company is considering a partnership with amazon. Schulman said in an interview, PayPal has been negotiating with Amazon, but did not provide details.

crown Pacific Securities analyst Josh · Beck (Josh Beck) said this, PayPal needs to be the same as Amazon alliance, because of the development opportunities for the company’s Venmo, Braintree and OneTouch to a certain degree, but they are unlikely to greatly enhance the company’s revenue. Beck said, we still give PayPal stock neutral rating, but the potential opportunity to make our views more positive."

JP Morgan analyst Huang Tianjin

(Tien-tsin Huang) said, with Amazon’s alliance, is bullish catalyst PayPal, because this transaction will allow PayPal to enter once outside the parent company of eBay other e-commerce platform. The analyst also said that other positive factors PayPal also includes eBay raised revenue growth expectations, as well as the transaction rate of 2.63%, etc.. The analyst gave PayPal stock overweight rating and raised the target price from $45 to $47.

, we believe that PayPal and Amazon will cooperate in a number of areas, such as payment, data sharing and lending, Credit Suisse analysts on the potential of the two companies to cooperate so commented. They give PayPal stock overweight rating and target price set at $47.

PayPal shares fell 3% on Friday. In the past three months, the company’s share price fell by 3.4%, the standard & Poor’s 500 index rose by the same period last year by 7.9%.

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