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Pbx Solution Enriches Hospitals With Advanced Features Cost-effectively By: Ecosmob | Aug 11th 2015 – Hospitals need to operate 24*7 to provide ongoing support to the patients. The doctors need to be on alert mode to serve the patients anytime the need arises. They also need to .municate with the staff for various reasons. This requirement of ongoing .munication can be catered by the modern PBX solution. The PBX solutio … Tags: Transform Your Small Business Into A Lucrative One – Use Ip Pbx Software By: Ecosmob | Mar 22nd 2015 – IP PBX solution provides the PBX (Private Branching Exchange) functionality over the "��Internet Protocol"�� (IP). The latest IP PBX through the VoIP gateway facilitates audio, video and instant messaging .munication. Tags: Take Your Small Sized Business Global With Pbx (private Branch Exchange) Systems By: Ecosmob | Dec 3rd 2014 – Many .panies are adopting PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems to make remote .munication streamlined, effective, easy and varied for users to access! In this article we will be discussing a pivotal role of private exchange systems in the industries. Tags: 相关的主题文章: