Phoenix TV host Liu Changle speech daxiehui customer

Phoenix TV host Liu Changle speech "customer daxiehui grateful heart forever, thank you in Thanksgiving often" Phoenix twenty anniversary Thanksgiving customers Thursday in Beijing, the Phoenix centre, you will be gathered in the mainland more than 100 business elite heavyweights, Phoenix TV, chairman of the board of directors, CEO of JP Liu Changle said in his speech, trust and support many enterprises and brands, to the Phoenix all the energy and courage, friendship is priceless, Phoenix will live up to. More than and 150 business elite heavyweights, new home to Phoenix, Phoenix Beijing center, the beginning of the heart forever, Thanksgiving often, Phoenix TV over the past twenty years, become the media International Media Group diversified business, and covers the weekly broadcast, Wen Chong, education, finance, games, publishing business, this one, a storm counterparts more of these enterprises. Dong Mingzhu (Zhuhai GREE electric appliance Limited by Share Ltd sensible long): I think Phoenix to the world, as we come to the lecture can not afford to give support. The first time I voted in the first year is eight million ad into the investment, then did not expect anything in return, but that he is growing up, we should go with him. Zhang Weigong (Chairman of Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation Limited): there are a lot of media, but I think Phoenix is such a best combination of media and the true meaning of current affairs, and he is such a good combination of media and human nature. Enterprise bosses understand the development of Phoenix twenty years through the holographic tour in 1200 flat live news, feel the news anchor and professional passion, "Feng Fei Chaoyang Pavilion in the Indus, 20 anniversary exhibition", they are attracted to freeze under the Phoenix moment. Reporter: will always go hand in hand with Phoenix go? Wang Yonghui (Hornsey manufacturing (sound) Limited by Share Ltd chairman): that this is of course, because we think that Phoenix has been a great action in the media, in the media, I think he is a unique resource. Fang Hongbo (Guangzhou Midea electric Limited by Share Ltd chairman): our future goal is to become a truly global business, multinational enterprises, so we need the help of a phoenix media, the China internationalization development of the voice and image spread. Phoenix TV, chairman of the board of directors, chief executive Liu Changle, in the Thanksgiving feast to thank the Phoenix twenty years of arduous pioneering review, during hard to taste, but the feeling is that It goes without saying that, and this can easily on the road, more and more like-minded friends, brothers, with Phoenix, the effort to help. Liu Changle: time is only one measure of the Phoenix time and latitude, can penetrate the ideal and the truth is, you care about Phoenix friends love, let Phoenix ideal of a solid to rely on, hope your continuous friendship with Phoenix, is the changing of unchanged forever. Phoenix has the honor to work with you insight in the era of China’s dependence on the line, priceless friendship, Phoenix people will live up to. Liu Changle said, this is not entirely new recommendation Phoenix column, more hope that we see the future of the Phoenix, stick to high-end taste, stick to cultural, moral, and responsibility, at the same time in the development of new media, Phoenix will provide a full media integration for enterprises相关的主题文章: