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Poland movie master Wajda died Oscar won the Lifetime Achievement Award – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Poland film master Andre Wajda (Andrzej Wajda) in 2000 was awarded the Oscar Award for lifetime achievement in 9 days because of lung failure in a coma for several days later died at the age of 90. Andre Wajda had 4 works nominated for best foreign film Oscar, including "the promised land", "wake," Poland girl "Iron Man", "love in Poland" war, in 1977 launched the "marble" won the FIPRESCI award at Cannes, 1981 "the Poland Ironman" won the Palme d’Or under the award at Cannes, let his fame reached a peak in the world, as well as other classic film "ashes and diamonds", "love", "the birch forest like magic" and other films, this "Afterimage" will represent Poland competition next best foreign language film Oscar nominated seats. Someone once said "yes Vajda works, like in the appreciation of Poland’s film history", because most of the works Vajda is drawn from real life, especially love on before and after the Second World War, revealed the national complex political and ethnic groups, not taboo issues and people’s desire for freedom to touch the Communist mood although the picture is a heavy theme, smooth, full of art, modern movie people, in fact, he wanted to join the army 1939 military candidates failed, only to serve as film producer, director of the open road, now passed away, fans feel quite sorry, only through the memory of the Poland movie master works.相关的主题文章: