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Man police said the neighbor damaged car glass video surveillance to restore the truth of a police investigation, the original owner is caused by his wife drove home in Shiyan in October 30th, a man police said someone had destroyed his sedan, and said there is revenge for. A police investigation, it was his wife drove out damaged. October 30th 17 am, the people’s Road police station received a young man, police: my car windshield was damaged, I suspect that the neighbors are retaliation, request processing." After the alarm, police on duty rushed to the incident. According to the police man 34 years old Wu introduced his car before 11 in the evening back, parked in the cell downstairs, the day more than 1 noon to work out when the car is still good, so he just came back and found the front windshield broken. Wu had a quarrel with his upstairs neighbor last month, so he thought it was the neighbor who damaged his windshield. Police on duty by the residential property to provide video surveillance found that the same day at 2 pm, there is a young woman who had driven the car to leave the area, and in the afternoon to drive back to the district at about 4. Identified by Wu, the woman is his wife, Ms. wang. Subsequently, Wu phoned his wife, his wife had asked that the afternoon drive go out shopping, parking is upstairs falling the vehicle front windshield smashed. Sweep code big Chu Shiyan, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: