Provide personnel support on behalf of members of the hot talent strategy for transformation and inn

Provide personnel support on behalf of members of the hot talent strategy for transformation and innovation

Provincial People’s Congress, Xin Xiulian, chairman of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Yangquan: make good use of local talent, attention to grassroots talent, attract foreign talent

, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial special inspection team leader Wang Manchun seven: create know just love it with the respect to the good environment

provincial CPPCC members, vice president of Shanxi Agricultural University Xing Guoming: accelerate the security system, get rid of outdated ideas, optimize the allocation of talent

Shanxi has been a lack of talent, coupled with brain drain, seriously restricting the economic development of Shanxi. In 2017 the provincial government work report proposed to implement a first-class talent policy, then these policies than in previous years, what changes? What opportunities will it bring? In this regard, the reporter interviewed a number of deputies to the provincial people’s Congress and CPPCC members.

optimize talent to do its environment

report content: the abolition of institutions and institutions into the card into the card and into the program card, the full implementation of the autonomy of the main body. Reform the personnel evaluation system, cancel the non professional conditions and restrictive requirements attached to the evaluation of professional titles, and try out the separation system.

"this year’s government work report to promote the talent strategy to do a lot of this deployment, on how to make good use of existing talent, how to introduce high skilled talents will play a very good role." Xing Guoming said with deep feeling, "it is self-evident importance of talents for the development of our province, but before the introduction of talent will have a lot of obstacles, such as the preparation, treatment and other issues, which are factors restricting the talent ‘go’, but also other problems because the existing talent Title Habitat he sticks."

How could

up talent short board? For many years engaged in the work of the Federation believed Xiulian has a wealth of experience, "to retain talent have talent has the opportunity, let people have the ability to play a role in the exclusive position." In her eyes, as long as there is no talent is talent skills of various grades and ranks, but also to the selection and appointment of not sticking to formalities. "There are a lot of craftsmen in the province of high skilled talents, their education is not high, but there are real skills, which is talent."

has the same idea and Wang Manchun, he believes that Shanxi should get out of the current plight of people, must first have the talent strategic thinking, in the province to create it with the respect to environment and know just love a good atmosphere, so that the existing scientific research personnel, entrepreneurial team can put in hand to hand the transformation of comprehensive reform, contributions, talent. Secondly, through local legislation, the introduction of supporting policies and regulations to encourage talent, from the legislative level to protect the talent to do their best, from the institutional aspects of talent innovation, entrepreneurship.

further promote school enterprise collaborative innovation

report content: guide enterprise plus