Public cup hit a youth electricity supplier race in the countryside ended successfully seaway

Create a cup of youth in rural electricity supplier race ended in September 23rd, in Guangdong in 2016, the creation of the public cup innovation and entrepreneurship competition in rural youth electricity supplier Finals held in Qingyuan fresh Garden Hotel grand. After fierce competition, the province’s total of 20 outstanding projects for enterprise group and talent shows itself, competition team gold, silver, and bronze award. Among them, Qingyuan agricultural electricity supplier Co., Ltd. won the gold medal in the enterprise group, from Zhongshan City Food get project team team gold medal. Director of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security of Party members, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of foreign experts to flag red speech I will be executive vice president and Secretary General Cheng Xiao said the contest sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of human resources and social security department, Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, the Guangdong Provincial Department of agriculture, the Communist Youth League Committee of Guangdong Province, Guangdong province women. Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association, Qingyuan City e-commerce service industry association, Guangdong Youth Development Association, Southern China modern agricultural e-commerce alliance, Guangzhou Jieyi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Co, Qingyuan city human resources and Social Security Bureau, Qingyuan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of agriculture of Qingyuan City, Qingyuan City Committee of Communist Youth League, women in Qingyuan City United will support. The contest aims to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting public entrepreneurship, innovation "strategy deployment, to stimulate rural youth in our province, home business, youth college-graduate village official groups such as the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, promote effective docking of entrepreneurial projects and venture capital, entrepreneurship policy and entrepreneurial services, for the majority of rural young people to provide a a display of talent, training ability and innovative platform. Director of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security of Party members, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of foreign experts to flag red, human resources and social security department employment promotion department deputy researcher Yu Jianfeng, Provincial Department of Commerce Electronic Commerce Department deputy researcher Leng Xiaoyan, Provincial Committee of youth development department deputy head of the preparatory group Lai Xinhua, the Provincial Department of agriculture market information department director Wen Fei, executive vice president of E-Commerce Association Secretary General Cheng Xiao, deputy secretary of the Provincial Electronic Commerce Association chairman Luo Zhicheng, Qingyuan City People Club Bureau Liang Si director, Qingyuan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, deputy director Lin mitsuyoshi red Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Deng Jian Qingyuan Qingyuan City e-commerce service industry association secretary general Zheng Fuxin and other leaders and contest judges tutor, media reporters, young entrepreneurs and representatives of more than 300 people attended the ceremony. The competition focus on integration of policy resources, for entrepreneurship and innovation needs, comprehensive arrangement, collection of human society, science and technology, finance and other departments League policy resources, to provide "10+N" support measures and services for the project. The final scene of the final scene of a pre finals by "speech + comment interactive way, players within the specified time from the project introduction, project business model, market competitiveness, project team performance, projects such as social values to show the judges, the judges on the basis of field content and the players to show the performance of hand for the players to score, final score according to each group of players decide the final winner. In the display process of each reply exchange projects, expert judges have brought the very good enlightenment for the project suggestions for enterprise development day after. Business group gold medal相关的主题文章: