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Qinghai provincial government held a meeting chaired by Hao Peng   – Qinghai channel — people.com.cn original title: Hao Peng chaired the provincial government executive meeting held on September 28th, governor Hao Peng chaired the executive meeting of the provincial government, the research to further promote the new urbanization and further strengthen the city planning and construction management, deepen decentralization, adjust the organs and institutions of staff salary etc. matters. The meeting pointed out that to further promote the new urbanization, to promote the sustained and healthy development of the province’s economy, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, promote the coordinated development of the region, have a very important role. We must firmly adhere to the people of the town as the core, actively promote the agricultural transfer of population, the full implementation of the residence permit system, promote urban resident population of basic public services, full coverage; to accelerate the implementation of villages and shantytowns, renovation of dilapidated buildings, underground pipe network transformation and sponge City construction, promoting the city to function; promote the overall development of the eastern city group, small city and town features development, leading new rural construction of new pastoral areas, promoting poverty alleviation relocation and new urbanization combined to get new urbanization path with Qinghai characteristics; to further strengthen and improve the city planning and construction management work, focus on shaping the city features, enhance the city construction level perfect city public services, improve the city living environment efforts, promote the city construction, rational development, efficient and orderly To further promote the reform of urban law enforcement system, to solve the key issues, eliminate outstanding short board, and comprehensively improve the level of urban management and services. The meeting agreed in principle to further promote the new urbanization, Qinghai province to further strengthen the city planning and construction management work, to further promote the reform of city law enforcement system improved the management of the city three "executive opinion", report to the provincial review. The meeting considered the "provincial government intends to decide the cancellation and adjustment of administrative examination and approval and other matters directory", and decided to cancel the adjustment of higher education self-study exam specialist professional examination, motor vehicle driver training coaches qualification cognizance, outdoor advertising registration and other 223 administrative approval items. The meeting stressed that the deepening of "put the tube, take" reform, is to fully play a decisive role of the market in allocating resources, stimulate the vitality of the market, hedge downtown pressure on the economy and enhance the effective measures for the development of endogenous power. To continue to promote decentralization, and further intensify the reform of the investment approval system, further promote the reform of commercial system, efforts to strengthen it in the post regulation, improve the level of public services, and strive to create conditions more "wide", "low threshold", more "good" general business atmosphere, let the masses of the people and all kinds of market the subject really feel the effectiveness of the reform. The meeting discussed the adjustment of the personnel of organs and institutions of staff basic wage increase, institutions retirees retired fee three implementation measures. According to the requirements of the State Council, with the actual situation in our province, from July 1, 2016 onwards, the basic wage adjustment of staff in public institutions, the implementation of the national unified formulation of the basic wage rank positions, some normative subsidies included in the basic wage, raise the corresponding teachers, nurses and special education staff in primary and secondary schools)相关的主题文章: