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"QiongYou" into the public fashion tourism new way – Qinghai channel — people.com.cn original title: "QiongYou" into a new way of tourism are people from the beginning of October 1st, the National Day holiday officially opened the curtain, the people who choose a variety of ways to travel abroad by plane, by high-speed rail to the Province, self driving tour and other mainstream travel become an important way for vacation. But reporters found that "QiongYou" has become a new way of citizens during the National Day holiday tourism fashion. As a part of people’s leisure life, group walking is more and more popular. Reporters found that the city likes to walk on the elderly and a lot of walking on the QQ group, WeChat group. There are more than a week away from the National Day holiday, these groups have been busy up. We are planning to travel to Guide to see the clear route: the Yellow River, Huangzhong, Datong to see the autumn, go to Qinghai Lake to see the sunrise, to help purchase souvenirs…… You give me a suggestion, I said that the final plan to start the first day of the National Day holiday. The morning of October 1st, in various places agreed, hiking enthusiasts equipped boarded the bus, walk towards the starting place, although it is on foot, but in the process we shuishuoxiaoxiao, thirsty and hungry, come up with their own prepared food and water, share. A newly retired lady told reporters, to participate in a number of groups on foot, not only to spend less, exercise the body, found the joy, but also this way of travel is also very environmentally friendly. Suburban tourism harvest more relative to go abroad by plane, by high-speed rail out of the province, the outskirts of the National Day is also a number of people travel a major way. Reporters found that the surrounding counties of Xining, scenic area has become the most popular choice. Nearby Kumbum Monastery, during the National Day has become a lot of people short distance travel destination. Reporters met in the Kumbum Monastery area of the public, Mr. Lee, Lee said, although very close to Kumbum Monastery, but did not come before, the bus ride to the scenic spot, turn around a lot of harvest. In addition, the Kumbum Monastery Qinghai Lake star attractions, many people choose to not spend a penny to the outskirts of autumn travel experience. Reporters in the province, Datong, Huangzhong mutual forest place to find a lot of people arrive by car, shooting autumn. At the same time, coincided with the harvest season, local farmers will also own souvenirs to tourists tourists not only harvest supplies, beauty, home also brought back many souvenirs. Backpack Travel is the most substantial backpacker travel in recent years to develop a way of travel, not group, spend less. Back where to go where to play, this is the choice of many young people, this way is particularly favored by college students. This year just to Qinghai college students Xiao Wu, National Day before planning well, from Xining to Qinghai Lake to see the princess backpack, through the place, see the beauty of Qinghai Lake. The reporter saw Xiao Wu’s bag has simple food, clothes, medicine. National Day third days, he has come to the top of the sun and the moon, little Wu Yue, he stopped while walking, but not the same as other backpackers, he tired every day to find a hotel to rest, rather than looking for other people to live free. He said it was because his parents considered it相关的主题文章: