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Qiqihar two male jewelry processing tricks 6 grams of gold ring repair go 4.8 grams of life daily news September 29th a person responsible for a person Xiu Jin jewelry, the jewelry cover, when repaired, the original number of grams less. Recently, the two men to lend the machine to repair jewelry, conveniently steal gold, was arrested rich police, has been under criminal detention. 20, Fuyu County Public Security Bureau police station received a report from the area residents Lee, said his own weight of about 6 grams of gold ring after maintenance by others only about 1.2 grams. By police investigators learned that the incident that day at noon, two 50 year old man driving a motorcycle through the streets, shouting maintenance gold jewelry processing. Lee happened to have a gold ring is damaged, will be used to repair them. According to Lee recalled, in the repair process, a man with a gold ring will be melted, and then re shaping, polishing, and another man kept their conversation. The gold ring repaired, two men walked in a hurry, Lee felt this ring significantly lighter, get a gold shop, the original weight of about 6 grams of ring only 1.2 grams, Lee immediately reported the matter. After investigation, the police on the same day at 15 am, in a hotel will be arrested in the two suspects. According to the account, two per capita in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, since June this year, has fled to Heihe, Nenjiang, Fuyu County and other places in rural areas, in the process of maintenance of gold jewelry to others, take to maintain the basic shape, big for small way to steal gold, a total of more than 10 cases of crime, theft of gold weight about 100 grams, involving about 30 thousand yuan. At present, the suspect has been under criminal detention, the case for further treatment.相关的主题文章: