Quantum dot out OLED has become the next generation of core technology-doat

Quantum dots out? OLED has become the home of the next generation of core display technology IT news. Recently, news about QD Vision’s large shareholder divestment came out of the United States and showed great waves in the display of technology industry. QD Vision is the main R & D company of quantum dot display technology, holding a large number of patents. While the industry’s major shareholder divestment event, although not yet confirmed, but the future of quantum dot technology is dim down. At present, the first generation of quantum dot display technology is SONY, Samsung and other manufacturers for high-end LCD LCD TV, but was in the industry think is the real QLED quantum dot technology is still not into the market applications, more and more enterprises in the panel and the whole enterprise into the OLED field, LG OLED high-end television has been laid a solid foundation in the high-end market in North america. As industry capital became more and more OLED oriented, QD Vision came back with this message, and the industry generally recognized that the event would mark the complete failure of quantum dot display technology in competition with OLED for future display technologies. (pictures from OFweek) (IT’s house)

量子点出局?OLED确认成为下一代核心显示技术IT之家讯 近日关于QD Vision公司大股东撤资的新闻从美国传出并在显示科技行业激起巨大波澜。QD Vision是量子点显示技术的主要研发公司,手握大量专利。而此次业内流传的大股东撤资事件,虽然还没被证实,但量子点技术的未来暗淡了下来。目前,第一代量子点显示技术被索尼、三星等厂商用于高端LCD液晶电视领域,不过被行业内认为是真正的量子点技术的QLED目前仍然没有投入到市场应用中,反观越来越多面板企业和整机企业进入OLED领域,LG的OLED高端电视在北美高端市场已经打下了坚实基础。在行业资本越来越倾向于OLED技术的时候,QD Vision又传出此消息,业内认识普遍认为,这起事件将标志着量子点显示技术在与OLED关于未来显示技术的竞争中彻底失败。(图片来自OFweek)(IT之家)相关的主题文章: