Quanzhou East Lake zoo administrator flooded with animal bath in 1 days shishangqiyi

Quanzhou East Lake zoo administrator flooded with animal "bath" in 1 days of camel: dude you okay boar: you know my tiger: Tiger falls short legs pool, but I will not be bullied bear: hello! Let me out! Strait news network September 16th (Hoi reporter Yang Qingzhu Ventura) "Meranti" is not "no one", even the animal also dislike ah. Yesterday, Quanzhou East Lake Park, the zoo depth water overflows golden hill "up to 1 meters, the Siberian tiger, African lion, zebra, black bear, wild boar…… And the zoo keeper together, after a day of "bath" in life. At 11 yesterday morning, reporters into the sea at the zoo, where the deepest water can be up to the reporter’s abdomen. The cages of the white tiger abdomen close to the surface, nervously pacing back and forth; brown legs in the water, two front lying in isolation online constantly shaking his head; usually the most lively monkey hid in the cave to play. However, there are exceptions, mandarin duck and wild goose waterfowl in large waters, particularly activity free now. "The management of the room with the dormitory is also flooded." The zoo staff told reporters the sea, in order to ensure that accidents do not occur, there are still a number of staff. In order to let some animal not soak in water, the breeder attempts to assist animal transferred to two cages of the transition zone on the ground, but they do not seem to appreciate, not willing to go to space is relatively small, has not been flooded. Yesterday afternoon, the water began to subside in the zoo in East Lake, as of press time reporter at 5 o’clock has not yet subsided.相关的主题文章: