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The married women in Quanzhou met the handsome guy online. They were filming naked after dating. After hearing the news of the Straits in September 29th, WeChat shook the knowledge of the handsome handsome boy at the age of 21. After that, he passed the night. A few days later, the man with her nude blackmail 5000 yuan, 35 year old Xiao Fang (a pseudonym) reported to the police. At 11 a.m. the day before yesterday, Li, a 21 year old Huian man, was caught by Jinjiang police in a renting house in the East China Sea in Quanzhou. At present, he was arrested for extortion on suspicion of extortion. Xiao Fang is a housewife, live in Jinjiang. Her husband is a workaholic, often busy with work and not going home. Xiaofang to pass the time, often talk about WeChat. One day in July this year, WeChat Xiaofang met lee. After two people chatting, Li Moufa came to the picture. Two people chatted hot, often talk to the middle of the night, and often share some things in life. One day in the first ten days of August, two people met for the first time, and the two people spent the night together. Because the husband Xiaofang doesn’t always go home, also found no abnormalities. I did not expect that, in the sweet Xiaofang, a few days later, Li Moufa received his nude in WeChat. It turned out that, on that night, Li took a nude picture of her cell phone while she was asleep. Li extorted 5000 yuan from her, and if not, he would send her nude to her husband. If Xiao Fang family know, but if they continue to blackmail. After a few hesitation, she kept the alarm from her husband. Fortunately, Lee also will not spread out my photos. According to Li’s account, there was no formal work and no money. And after he knew Xiaofang, Xiaofang house home, and her husband and children, he thought the use of some money to get her nude. The thought of Xiao Fang considering her husband and children, certainly not alarm. I didn’t expect to be caught so soon. (reporter Lin Tianzhen correspondent Chen Huiwan Qiu Ziheng sea)

泉州已婚女网上认识帅小伙 约会后遭拍裸照勒索   海峡网9月29日讯 微信摇一摇,认识了21岁的帅小伙,见面后就过了夜。几天后,男子以她的裸照敲诈5000元,35岁的小芳(化名)报了警。前天上午11点多,21岁的惠安人李某在泉州东海某租房被晋江警方抓获。目前,他因涉嫌敲诈勒索被刑拘。   小芳是全职主妇,住在晋江。她老公是工作狂,经常忙着工作,不回家。小芳为了打发时间,经常聊微信。今年7月的一天,小芳在微信上认识了李某。两人聊天后,李某发来照片。两人聊得火热,经常聊到半夜,还经常分享一些生活上的事。   8月上旬的一天,两人约了见面,才第一次见面,两人就一起过了夜。因为小芳老公不常回家,也没有发现异样。   没想到的是,还处在甜蜜中的小芳,几天后,却在微信上收到李某发来自己的裸照。原来,当晚,李某趁她睡着后,用手机拍了裸照。李某向她敲诈5000元,如果不给,就把裸照发给她老公。   小芳怕家人知道,但又怕对方继续敲诈。犹豫再三后,她瞒着老公报警。还好,李某还未将小芳的裸照传播出去。   据李某交代,平时没有正式工作,也没什么钱。与小芳发生关系后,他知道小芳家里有房子,又有老公和孩子,就想着利用她的裸照弄点钱来花。本以为小芳考虑到老公和孩子,肯定不敢报警的。没想到这么快就被抓了。(海都记者 林天真 通讯员 陈晖万 邱子恒)相关的主题文章: