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Quzhou drivers hit two electric cars crashed through the two door 29 day at 4:50 in the afternoon, in the city of Quzhou Tong Xiang, Ms. Shi driving the car ready to leave the city, reversed into the roadside two electric cars, including an electric car flew up the steps, knocked down a roadside shop glass door, door down in the shop in. The driver then drove forward and hit the front door frame of a shop. In the accident, a child in the first shop heard the sound of the crash and hurried to the store to avoid the fallen doorframe in time. But she was frightened to cry and said there was a pain in her feet. The insurance company claims the parents to bring to the hospital for examination and treatment. Around 7:30 in the evening, reporters arrived at the scene. Traffic police then towed away the vehicle, initially identified the car full responsibility. Ms. Shi Shi is a Jiangshan people, not eating, not drinking, reversing back home, suddenly feel the speed is not under control. Ms. Shi said, recently felt that the car a little throttle speed is fast, it may be the throttle problem. When reversing the car, the car got out of control and hit the door back, and then rushed forward about 20 meters, hit another shop and stopped. The insurance company made a note, said that the owner and the damaged two owners and two electric car owners negotiate damages, and remind Ms. Shi, usually if you feel that the car has a problem, it is necessary to detect in time, so as to avoid hidden dangers. By 8 in the evening, Ms. Shi had not eaten, still negotiating with the damaged owner and two electric car owners for compensation.

衢州司机倒车撞飞两辆电动车 撞破两个店门 29日下午4点50分,在衢州市区童家巷,施女士驾驶轿车准备离开市区,倒车时撞到了路边两辆电动车,其中一辆电动车飞上台阶,撞倒了路边一家店铺的玻璃门,门框倒在店内。司机于是向前开车,又撞到了前面一家店铺的门框。事故中,第一家店内有一个小孩子听见撞击声后,赶紧往店内跑,及时躲开了倒下的门框,但她被吓得直哭,说脚上有一点痛。保险公司理赔人员建议家长带到医院检查再作处理。晚上7点半左右,记者赶到现场。交警随后拖走了车辆,初步已认定轿车全责。司机施女士是江山人,没吃饭没饮酒,在倒车准备回家时突然感觉车速不受控制。施女士说,最近就觉得车子一点油门就速度快,可能是车子节气门问题。此次倒车时,车速失控,向后撞到店门后,又向前冲了约20米撞了另一家店才停车。保险公司做了笔录,说需要车主与受损的两家店主及两辆电动车车主协商受损赔偿,并提醒施女士,平时如果感觉车子有问题,就要及时检测,以免存在隐患。到晚上8点,施女士尚未吃饭,还在与受损的店主和两辆电动车车主进行赔偿协商。相关的主题文章: