Rainie Yang does not blame her boyfriend said too much talk about the two sides mother googims

Rainie Yang did not blame her boyfriend too much mother said the two sides talk about Rainie Yang Li Ronghao’s emotional stability of the Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported [micro-blog]25 singer Rainie Yang afternoon to attend the "ring" said Taipei pre signed to sing, regardless of the enthusiastic support for her fans, especially in the "ring" said Taipei pre autograph session offer a golden undertaking, fans like to promise each performance are all "commitment, and she and Li Ronghao emotional stability, the day before Li Ronghao s [micro-blog] program" sister "hungry 25 days, asked whether her boyfriend worry too much? Rainie Yang immediately said: "next to S, who can be controlled?" Li Ronghao, on the show, small BiWen feelings, he could not help but broke the first date to eat something, she blurted out said: "good deal." Today Rainie Yang asked if he was worried about her boyfriend not controlled, too broke two circumstances, her sweet smile said: "next to S, who can be controlled? I’m in "Kangxi" is not good! The last time with the pig that is, it does not matter, it is fun." There are rumors that Rainie Yang recommended Li Ronghao s program, Rainie Yang said he did not think is especially recommended for small Li Ronghao is Wen Qing, feeling rather than a variety show came and asked for her, for her boyfriend promises: "I said no.! He is quite talkative." And she was asked whether or not on behalf of the future do not mind talking about 2 people, and immediately said: "no, ah, I do mind ah!" As for the previous couple was photographed eating with both parents, she said: "just as hospitality of a host to entertain them, come several times, mother and aunt have their own chat topics." (ETToday text)相关的主题文章: