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"Real steel" director after 5 years of puzzle: there are a lot of details Adam Adam robot robot awareness "armored steel fist" of the people that have a sense of self will be the sequel what story, Levi is also unable to determine Sean Levi Sina entertainment news Beijing time on November 9th message, according to foreign media reports, the robot battle movie the 2011 release of "real steel" recently held IMAX remapping, director Sean Levi also answered a let fans guess 5 years riddle: in robot Adam (Atom) is really self conscious! In addition, he openly revealed has been said to take the "real steel 2" now what happens in the end. Adam in the film a lot of small details make people suspect it self consciousness, such as Marx (Max) said, "I will keep your secret", such as its "watch yourself in the mirror, and so on, but did not explicitly disclose this, Levi to answer has been very vague. In recent years, he said, 5 years later he can finally give the answer: "God, I have never really revealed this thing…… Do you remember when Adam saw himself in the mirror? When the movie came out, people came up and asked, ‘I saw Adam move. He did move, didn’t he? Does he have a sense? " I chose the old replied: "I don’t know, it depends on how you want to define." But when we took that shot, he did move, and he recognized himself. There was a scene, we took the Steven (Spielberg, director of the film producer) is also very love it — now I think I can say, after all, 5 years ago the movie — once the fifth round before the final battle, they said: "we want to give up, It is all up with.". Marx and Charlie (Charlie) are arguing, and we see the background of the lift of a finger of the hand of the Adam, made a ‘once again’ gesture." But this was cut in the end, Levi said it was because "in the script, you might think:" oh this is great, goose bumps! This confirms that Adam has a day performance perception! " But the film was later, I feel the film itself so warm heart, and this scene is a little too ‘fairy tale’". Levi also talked about that for a long time "real steel 2", the first love, also has a number of loyal fans, but especially in the North American box office is not good box office. It seems that the sequel is still no real progress. He said: "I am the most frequently asked about Twitter is this sequel, I also hope to give a definitive answer ah…… The truth is this: first released 6 months ago, we began planning a sequel — this movie in every field in advance preview score is 95 or higher (mid to high 90s), which is rare, this film has let the audience something, so we I think the idea for a sequel. The simplest truth I can give is the simplest explanation: it has proved and proved that it is too hard to make a sequel and not like the first one. Yes, people want to see Adam beat (Zeus), and I want to see it, but you don’t want to talk about it again相关的主题文章: