Reckless waste Ji exposure of four character of jungle four Jun appeared together (video) magicq

"Reckless waste Ji" exposure of four character of "jungle four Jun" appeared together "TV drama" special edition record of the jungle Pilot Trailer super shock! After the Tencent entertainment blockbuster oriental legend "" reckless waste Ji project since the publication of actor Hawick Lau, Wang Ou joined, attracted numerous focus. Today, the film side exposed simultaneously play four important roles who are "winter seven", played by Zhang Jun Ning, "Muzi Shuo" played by Niu Junfeng, "a Taoist" played by Li Wei, and "hundred micro actor Feng Junxi in". Play the four roles played a pivotal role, there are a lot of wonderful brisk performance, collectively referred to as the "jungle of Jun four". TV drama "reckless waste Ji" party adhere to the contents of the first, with high standard and high quality production, build quality thoroughly tempered. All of the characters are independent of human nature, the distinctive features of the shape, growth experience ups and downs, especially the exposure of the "jungle four Jun", which are singled out to become the unique charm of the protagonist in other works. Calm handsome metrosexual man Zhang Jun Ning played winter seven’s unique skills, too profound to be understood, often the first at the end of the elusive, "wisdom" and. He figures in August stand, a black grey dress, bold pressing, chest complicated lines to give people the feeling is very dignified, his side over the thorns, the overall feeling of deep dread. In winter seven as no door Lord, by the world for corruption, and he is no one knows exactly how. The new national cattle Junfeng warm man as Muzi Shuo honest, black and white as junior school, pay attention to etiquette, with "ceremony" of others. His costume with dark green color, right shoulder, waist covered with various props, carrying a wooden box, the people standing in the huge organs, these details revealed his identity in an important Drama — "puppet master". The puppet master control puppet battle, so Muzi Shuo their fighting ability is not outstanding, often protected by big brother. The strength of acting male god Li Wei played a Taoist is natural, as a black and white school of big brother, the younger generation is the strongest power, always protect mentees, heavy feeling heavy righteousness". Figure figure exposure, he wore a bright white cloak, indigo blue coat collocation calm atmosphere, handsome, hidden caoqun. He is a fairyland, grand building straight large cloud, a Taoist and happy temperament complement each other. While in a high potential young talent Feng Junxi played for the Summer Queen Beishan hundred micro effect, but do not forget to think for the people, with "benevolence" in the heart of love. In fact, he was also a distinguished disciple of black and white school, and is now the leader of young dragon who should. He wore a dark blue style figure cloak, with noble fur collar, golden shoulders decorative pattern, silhouetted against the Beishan hundred micro status is prominent, the hundred micro under fire seems to be the explanation, as should be Dragon Guard leader, often fighting, protect our homes and defend our country. Four different character, different positioning, create mutual contend, intricate plots for the audience to, and each symbol of the "benevolence", "righteousness" and "ritual", "wisdom" as the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the film side to create Chinese superhero concept as "reckless waste Ji agree without prior without previous consultation," TV drama.相关的主题文章: