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"Red Guard" into the workplace Sun Qian Tong Zhang become people – Sohu entertainment Sohu entertainment news, "Red Guard" since the broadcast, has received a lot of attention and praise. Although there are not too many hot scenes and shocking audio and video, but a lot of viewers saw the drama of alternative ideas, that the play reflects the modern workplace relations, is a very useful workplace textbooks. Squad leader Sun Qian led the demonstration of how to establish a good relationship with his subordinates, abroad is the return of Chen Zixuan (Sun Qianshi). Not too many team leadership experience, in dealing with the relationship with subordinates, give full play to the new era of women’s style of doing things. First of all, choose to believe that subordinates often encounter difficulty, she always ask you to listen carefully to the views of members, everyone’s ideas, fully believe that all must unite, to overcome the difficulties. Again, the choice of respect for subordinates, even if some players unrealistic ideas, but also give them the opportunity to express their views. Finally, choose to speak with the facts, encounter problems, not to their own subjective views as the center, but let the facts to prove that our solution is correct, even if wrong, she would accompany together to make mistakes, to find a correct solution. From the beginning to the end, she valued under the method to underestimate the importance of leadership, and established a good partnership with the players. It seems that we can only enhance the team cohesion by harmonious coexistence and human nature management. There are two typical characters – Dai Xiangtao Tong Zhang demonstrates how to handle the relationship between colleagues transport squad (Tong Zhang) and Yang Jianbang (Wang Zhengshi), a pampered rich two generations, the two generation of an extremely hard and bitter poverty, a careful, a laugh with a glib tongue. At the beginning of two mutual dislike, on the other side of the doings often sniff at. In other words, the relationship between colleagues is very bad. But with the difficulties encountered again and again, with the unity and mutual assistance, the two began to slowly understand each other, learn tolerance, learn to stand on each other’s point of view to consider the issue, the relationship between colleagues and therefore greatly improved. From them we can see that we want to establish a good relationship between colleagues, it is better to complete the task together to solve the problem, I believe in this process can be found in each other’s advantages and lovely. Moreover, most have a heart to understand, if not hard to understand the sufferings of others, so no matter how many times the intersection and get along, can not produce the resonance of the heart.   相关的主题文章: