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Reminder: Bristol City Championship scored 4 consecutive league scoring 19 goals in the championship football forecast: Cardiff City vs Bristol City game time: October 15, 2016 Beijing time 02:45 injury summary: Cardiff City: ancient agricultural injury than (forward) for doubt: Kingdon (midfielder), Gunnar Sen peel (midfielder) team main force guard hole norlie due to accumulated yellow cards to play the game suspended for one game, the game will be lifted back, but the team midfielder Pilkington just recovered, the state has not been restored to the best, this is doubtful. Another midfielder Gunnar Sen also due to lack of status, can not determine whether the game can play. The city of Bristol against a doubt: Mark Littell (defender) team currently in good health, the team’s main striker Tomlin has been fully restored, the game will be lifted back, this is undoubtedly a good news team, and defender Mark Littell before the game a hamstring injury, although the injury, but has not been restored to the best condition in this game, against a doubt. Analysis of hunting ball: FUN88 2.63 3.05 2.69 FUN88: first for the instant: 2.71 3.10 2.57 Cardiff city Cardiff City championship this season after 11 rounds, only 8 points, ranked second in the standings. Cardiff city to play away to Burton, only in the opening 12 minutes to throw a ball, then the team played very embarrassed, but in the second half when the opening 4 minutes, was the other side of striker Lucas arkins break, the final ratio of 0 to 2 lost the game. The game after losing to Cardiff city once again fell into the relegation zone, coach Paul Trollope – class seems only a matter of time. Cardiff city since the start of the season only scored 8 goals, ranked second, and in the last 8 games, only when the ninth round in the league with 2 to 1 victory over the bottom first Rotherham, in addition to win. Although the game in Cardiff City home court sits, converting the enemy state brave Putrajaya. Bristol City, Bristol city is currently 6 wins and 2 draws and 3 losses, a total of 20 points in the standings ranked the top fifth. In the last round of the league, Putrajaya in the home court against Nottingham forest, although in the first half to throw a ball, but in three minutes in the second half, with "taxi" Abraham and winger Paterson’s goal in the home court reversed the game, scored three points and precious. Bristol city recently state brave, unbeaten in the last 5 games, and scored four game winning streak. Very good on the offensive side of Putrajaya, scored 19 goals, the defensive end is Zhongguizhongju, lost 12 ball, the team recent state is very good, the team Chongchao provides great help. This game is not difficult to get the city of Cardiff. Data from the Cardiff city of Cardiff in the recent 3 games against Putrajaya, winning the game with a record of 2 wins and 1 draws, but the poor performance of Cardiff this season. Cardiff city in the last 2 games in the championship, a God相关的主题文章: