Reminder Pachuca at low Mo Super League has suffered 3 defeats mkdv-02

Reminder: Pachuca at low Mo Super League has suffered 3 defeats [super] football ink forecast analysis: Pachuca vs start time: 2016-11-28 10:06 took Gaza injury report: Pachuca injured / out: Gutierrez (thigh)?   Pachuca midfielder Gutierrez has a thigh injury this season to battle, in addition to no other the wounded. Take the Gaza battle in doubt: Abbas and Gonzales (all wounded unknown) were injured / missing: no?   with Gaza Abbas injured, unknown whether the battle of this battle, and Gonzales in the play the first round competition seriously injured, this battle is questionable. Analysis of game ball: Pachuca?   Beijing time at 10:062016 on the morning of November 28th Mexico autumn season league playoff second leg to play, the last 1 games played against Pachuca will be returned to the home court against the visiting with gaza. (Note: the quarter finals and semi-finals will use two rounds of computing away goals, if still not a winner, then the League high team.)  ?; the first leg against the visiting Pachuca play is not ideal, although the team came from behind the case by midfielder Guzman scored the equaliser, but since the end of the game lead to mistakes, opponents scored the final winner, Pachuca 1-2 defeat opponents. ?   even if Pachuca encounter defeat in the first round of the fight, but the team gains an away goal is a good news, Pachuca wants to reverse, you must beat the opponent in this game, and requires a worthy opponent away goal.  ? Mexico League Championship last season in Pachuca this season is generally stable, the team home court gains 6 wins and 3 level of success, but the team was in the doldrums, wasbrutally League 3 straight away, but on the offensive end is stable.  ? And in North America on the crown, Pachuca with 3 wins and 1 level of success in the top group qualify, but due to the next phase of events will be launched in 2 at the end of next year, the team next time to deal with the league, after all, is now the largest when the team achieve the defending target. It is worth noting that the Pachuca League so far scored a total of 36 goals, the Champions league.  ?; Pachuca coach is a 41 year old Uruguay marshal Diego Alonso, he took over the team in November 2014, he was a coach of the team is the Paraguay team Olympio, commonly used in 4-4-1-1 system.  ?; this game will be back to Pachuca home court battle, the team’s recent 5 home court to face with Gaza unbeaten, plus the opponent at the general performance, Pachuca is expected to reverse the war promotion rivals in home court. Take Gaza?   the first round contest, held in Gaza with strength of Pachuca is not a disadvantage, Gallegos’s goal to help the team first recorded in the middle of the first half, although the opponent side after the equaliser, but the key moment of Rya Neo.相关的主题文章: