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Reporter survey: running why so fire? The effect is really magical? – Henan – original title: why run such a fire (people’s eye health? China) in March 27th, 2016 in Dongguan Songshan Lake International Marathon runners, the organizing committee also set up a family run, couple ran and other characteristics of phalanx. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao hua! Jin Feibao threw a bag of gold medals on the table. This is his 6 years of "happy" record and Honor: Six marathon international famous Grand Slam, traveled to various continents famous marathon, some other types of events. "For me, the marathon is a symbol of endurance and speed." Jin Feibao Yunnan Kunming, he ran in the past few years, coinciding with the rise of the running boom on both sides of the Changjiang River. Now, in some city marathon qualifying "hard to get a vote", this "marathon Master" Jin Feibao also did not expect even sigh. In recent years, China’s marathon sports blowout situation. 2016 annual meeting of the Chinese marathon released data show that in 2015 only in the Chinese track and Field Association for the registration of Marathon and related sports events on the 134 games, an increase of more than 83 games in 2014. Accompanied by the rapid growth of the number of participants in the marathon. According to statistics, a total of 1 million 500 thousand people participated in the marathon in 2015, compared with 2014, an increase of more than 1 times. In addition to the threshold of the marathon, the average person running around the heat can also be seen, touched. Open the WeChat circle of friends, every day there are people in the shapes of the "movement"; morning and evening in the park, the road runner, perspiration comes down like raindrops on the table, gathering in crowds and groups; the party, running is a hot topic; "or read, or running, don’t say you boring" Chicken Soup for the soul, in the mobile phone to turn on…… Listen to the industry analysis of causes: changing lifestyles, health concept, sports industry development, to build the city name card, mobile phone APP and other popular software movement, has become a hot running thrust. "There is no heat, only heat," why running so fire? The reporter walked into the spring city Kunming run group, all kinds of laps, approached the runner, listen to what they had said, why are you running? Dull and lonely? The effect is so magical? How to realize the value of running? Why do you love to run in the mind what do not want to, but instead of sweating the best rest, uncle Martin usually very low-key, he is a civil servant in Kunming District, Wuhua. Middle aged, all burdensome, he said let his running back to the "lively" herd boy. "". "Uncle Martin" in the county high school, grow up, live far away, not on the morning exercises. The school rules, the final test run. "Uncle Martin" ran to school every day, a happy, regardless of the weather. At the end of the class, only the "Uncle Martin" one man. The whole class curiously gathered on the playground to watch him run. Paozhaopaozhe, rain, students zuoniaoshousan, exam is not the end. Running in the rain "Uncle Martin" to see the sports teacher didn’t go to the shelter, and stood in the playground)相关的主题文章: