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Roewe RX5, for endorsement life Sohu car life, is the future master of the goods. MUJI, we want to find the future of people’s lives as a "life plan", rather than "selling goods" business. The inspiration from the success of Roewe RX5 in my opinion, is not a car’s success, but through the Internet car experience the output of the thought and culture of a new life, and communication, represents a new way of life, to speak for life. Roewe RX5, for endorsement by Yan Guangming living in my mind, the Roewe RX5 concept car is not, but life. It may not be accepted by most people, or that is a kind of hypocritical. As a matter of fact, I’m telling the truth. Statistics show that less than three months listed, RX5 orders and sales have more than more than 4 units. This figure is sufficient to show that people do not buy a car, but the mobile Internet life. I have asked the first RX5 owners, you buy the car? The answer is almost all the Internet version". This proves my judgment, in the modern concept of consumption, consumption is not a car, but chose a way of life. In fact, this is a significant feature of modernity, people have bid farewell to the era of material scarcity, entered the era of consumer choice. To get rid of the car into full competition, now, or despise homogeneous echoes has become mediocre (fake) boycott goods, have direct unsalable reasons, those poor design or copycat not only being cast aside will fall for. Some people even disdain to say that it is a commodity garbage. The same is true of the car, the brand has long been criticized for its own reason lies in this, has never been responsible for themselves and consumers. Liang Qichao in the "Xinmin newspaper" from early memories of Shanghai communication industry chaos said, "looking back" discussion "," current affairs ", often sweating." Why? Because I often smatter. He can correct, but the newspaper influential audience, no correction, thus forming a liquid permeates the social changeable thought, not the thought of setting. "I often smatter." Such examples in the automotive sector is still less? From the "two are not afraid of hardship nor death" mimicry, to ism "OEM", and then to hang Yang Tou to sell the car is not only a flicker, design of the toilet, but also the culture of vat. For the car, the poetry of poetry outside the poem. If the copy, not a big breath, even be ridiculed, after all, this is exotic, other people’s way of life. In car design, as Qi Baishi said, "learn to live with me, to make me die."." Now look back on RX5, in the product development is taking the "positive development" Road (route); selection in the design of "East West rhyme law" ideas (appearance); in the creative product concept of "intelligent interconnection" (Internet car). This explains the reason why RX5 special. So, the development of ideas and values as Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Xu Zhuoyun analysis in the "modern people’s Day", I personally think that the modern "competitive", the Western sea.相关的主题文章: