Rose a half a month of Shanghai school district room 350 thousand the seller sued back

Rose a half a month of Shanghai school district room 350 thousand seller back be prosecuted according to the "Labor News" reported that a variable price, let the spirit of the contract become cannot withstand a single blow. Members of the public at the beginning of this year and the seller signed a contract to buy and sell the house aunt Lee to 2 million 950 thousand yuan price to buy a school district room. However, just waiting for the loan audit in half a month, prices rose 350 thousand. Aunt Lee regret, refused to cooperate with the transfer. Ultimately, the Hongkou court verdict in support of Miss Zhang’s petition, ordered the Sellers with transfer registration. At the end of December 2015, Miss Zhang brewing in the replacement of a school district housing, soon phase of aunt Lee name a is located in Canton Road house, the two sides signed the "housing sale agreement", Miss Zhang to pay 50 thousand yuan deposit. At the beginning of January 2016, the two sides signed a formal contract for the sale of the "Shanghai real estate", the agreed transfer price totaling 2 million 950 thousand yuan, for the transfer of the transfer formalities before February 22, 2016, Miss Zhang loans 1 million 750 thousand yuan, around March 25, 2016 the arrival. Since then, Zhang has paid a total of 1 million 180 thousand yuan purchase. In February 15, 2016, Miss Zhang told aunt Lee because of bank loans cumbersome approval procedures, the transfer time should be delayed until March, this aunt Lee sent a letter to urge Miss Zhang, must be in before March 5, 2016 by the bank loan contract to the trading center for the transfer formalities, or in cash to pay the remaining 1629 1 million 750 thousand yuan. However, in just half a month for loan approval, housing prices have skyrocketed, with the small Fangxing prices rose to 3 million 300 thousand yuan. In March 4, 2016, Ms. Zhang’s loan approval, immediately notify the aunt Lee to handle the transfer procedures, but the two sides did not take aunt Lee negotiated compensation package refused. Then Miss Zhang can only send a written reminder letter, but aunt Lee received letters of exhortation still not to handle, but Miss Zhang sued to the court, asked aunt Lee to assist with the transfer of property rights registration and payment of overdue for payment. Aunt Lee said the two sides had agreed to the transfer formalities before February 22, 2016, the loan is insufficient, should be in the transfer by way of cash supply, and Miss Zhang not about payment, no compensation for their commitment to the actual compensation agreement transfer transfer date between housing price. The court held that, aunt Lee in February 28, 2016 written warnings Miss Zhang before March 5, 2016 by the bank loan contract to the trading center for the transfer formalities, or cash payment of 1 million 750 thousand yuan housing fund. The letter that urge aunt Lee agreed to postpone to March 5, 2016 before the transfer formalities. After March 4, 2016, Miss Zhang won the bank loan application approval and notify the Aunt Li, on the same day, Zhang asked aunt Lee to assist the transfer request, aunt Lee is not settled by both parties refused compensation scheme, based on the lack of. Study, study, parenting, workplace…… More education information > > > Shen Shen education account for children in Shanghai to go to school, college entrance examination conditions list 2016 the latest version of the Shanghai school district housing and household registration of all the questions, the answer is here! Shanghai district and county key相关的主题文章: