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Running knowledge summary: do you want to eat before running? Data chart. For the enjoyment of the race, the morning run and night run is the two main stages of running exercise. But what is good morning run or night run? Running, especially in winter running need to pay attention to what matters? Xiao Bian today to answer those who want to know the most about running the morning run good or good night run? "When I got up in the morning, the operation of the organs of the human body is still at a low level, this time exercise, is more dangerous for people with relatively weak cardiovascular function. And the activity of the human body is fully developed in the evening, this time running, the body more easily adapt to the rhythm of the movement. In fact, as long as the distance is appropriate, but also can put on a sports clothes running to work, to the unit, you can take a hot bath, no conditions on the body clothes, as long as you do not catch a cold." Running air in the park? Many people like to go to the park to exercise in the morning, that the best air quality. Dr. Gou suggests the opposite: "running in the morning is best not to go to the forest park, places like. Morning park plants after a night of metabolism, high carbon dioxide concentration. Morning run, especially in the winter morning run, the best time should be at 8 in the morning, this time the sun came out, the air quality is better." Bad air wearing a mask run? Running requires a lot of air quality. People who like running are advised to pay more attention to air pollution index. In the air quality is good and mild pollution level, you can run or a small amount of running; moderate pollution should be reduced or restricted physical activity. Many people think that wearing masks workout can be isolated from dirty air, but Gou says it is not good to the respiratory system, movement is not comfortable. Does running affect sleep? There are a lot of people worry about the impact of night run up and sleep. A lot of sports medicine experts, including Gou that runs at night is more scientific. As long as a good grasp of exercise intensity, running at night will make people sleep more fragrant. After washing with hot water for 15-20 minutes, can promote blood circulation, make people easy to sleep. The distance longer arrogant? Many runners have installed a mobile phone software to calculate the distance of running, but also particularly willing to run out of the results of drying out, it seems that the longer run the cattle. But in fact, it is important to choose the right path and distance. For example, primary: 10 – 12 weeks adhere to run 3-5 km; intermediate: for 6 to 11 weeks to adhere to run for 10 km; senior: insist on running more than 10 kilometers for 11 weeks. In addition, fancier can try a half marathon (21 km). Do you want to eat before you run? Many runners think, before running if eating the food in the stomach uncomfortable. But studies have shown that fasting increases the load on the heart. Gou says: "in the morning before may wish to eat a small amount of a few sweets (two biscuits), drink a cup of honey water or milk." At the same time, it is recommended not to eat too much, drink too much, a drinking water should be up to 150~200 ml. The night run is appropriate after one or two hours after meals. How to run more easily lose weight? Many people run相关的主题文章: